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Scholarships in Canada: Available Offers for Nigerian Students

Scholarships in Canada: Available Offers for Nigerian Students


Nigerian students looking to embark on studies abroad in Canada can access many undergraduate and graduate scholarships. While the Government of Canada offers some of these, many opportunities are from universities and fellowships.

The Lester B. Pearson International Scholarships, the Banting Postdoctoral Fellowships, the Mary Shore Graduate Scholarship and the Mastercard Foundation Scholars Program are some available scholarship offers for Nigerians studying in Canada.

1. McCall MacBain Scholarship

This award is exclusive to students and applicants of McGill University. The requirements include being enrolled in any of the 150 master’s programs or 3 second-entry professional undergraduate programs.

You must also be from Canada, a PR in the country, a refugee or an international student.


The award is up to 130 and comprises scholarships and awards. For international students, they’re designated to receive up to 15 Regional Awards worth $10,000, 25 Finalist Awards worth $20,000 and the McCall MacBain Scholarships, up to 10.

2. Banting Postdoctoral Fellowships

This is one of the most popular scholarship offers for Nigerians looking to study in Canada. The Banting Postdoctoral Fellowships prioritizes applications from Nigerians embarking on a postdoctoral program in a Canadian institution.

As an applicant who is neither from Canada nor a permanent resident, the requirements include your applying to study in a Canadian institution for postdoctoral studies. The scholarship also requires applicants from Nigeria to:

  • Meet all of the requirements detailed on the application page.
  • Must not be applying for a health-related program, as the scholarship is not intended for health professions.
  • Fulfill all of the requirements for their degree at the time of applying for the Banting Postdoctoral Fellowships.

3. Mastercard Foundation Scholars Program

The Mastercard Foundation, a not-for-profit organization operating independently of Mastercard, is dedicated to advancing learning and promoting financial inclusion with the goal of creating an inclusive and equitable world.

The Foundation has a scholarship program called the Mastercard Foundation Scholars Program. Launched over a decade ago, it aims to drive equitable and inclusive socio-economic change in Africa by funding secondary and tertiary education for qualified young Africans.

African students can only qualify Mastercard Foundation Scholars Program if they to meet the following requirements:

  • Being within the age bracket (not older than 29 years for undergraduate Bachelor’s degree) or not older than 35 years of age for the graduate Master’s degree.
  • Being an African.
  • Applying to any of the participating universities and be sure they’re still accepting applications at the time.

4. President’s Scholarship for World Leaders

The University of Winnipeg in Manitoba, Canada, offers the President’s Scholarship for World Leaders to international students, including those from Nigeria.

Eligibility criteria includes being a fresher at the time, demonstrating exceptional leadership abilities, applying for the scholarship before the deadline and having a minimum of 80% admission average or the equivalent. You must also be applying for any of the university’s divisions:

  • Undergraduate
  • Graduate
  • PACE
  • Collegiate or;
  • ELP

5. Novartis Pharmaceuticals Canada Inc. Graduate Scholarship

The University of Alberta awards the Novartis Pharmaceuticals Canada Inc. Graduate Scholarship to deserving students who are interested in pursuing a Doctorate or Postgraduate study program at the institution. You must also enroll for course-based, thesis-based, doctoral or master’s programs to qualify.

The scholarship awards up to $2,400 yearly to each of the three (3) selected students. The Faculty of Science, Faculty of Pharmacy & Pharmaceutical Sciences, and the Faculty of Medicine and Dentistry are responsible for nominating students for the award.

6. Desmond I Crossley Memorial Scholarship

This is also one of the scholarships awarded by the University of Alberta. It’s endowed in honor of Desmond I Crossley and funded by family, friends and colleagues.

The funding is up to $8,000 to students and is primarily offered in the form of a tuition fee waiver. Students who receive it are expected to balance up the remnants of their fees.

To qualify, one needs to be enrolled in a master’s or doctoral program, which must either be delivered in the form of course-based or thesis-based. Eligibility criteria also includes being a student of the University of Alberta, who is enrolled in a graduate degree program in the Faculty of Agricultural, Life & Environmental Sciences.

7. Mitacs Elevate

This is a postdoctoral fellowship offered by Mitacs, an organization committed to the delivery of “innovation to more people in more places across Canada and around the world.”

The goal of Mitacs Elevate is to empower the Fellows to address complex challenges through “a professional development curriculum that prepares Elevate fellows for success as leaders in research and industry.” The fellowship also aims to address those challenges by offering a one or two-year research project with a partner organization in need of high-level expertise.

Nigerian students can seize this opportunity to receive funding up to $60,000 per year, for a total award of $120,000 for two-year projects, as well as the mandatory research management training curriculum. When it comes to schooling in Canada, this is one of the best scholarships for African students.

8. International English Scholarships

These scholarships are offered by the University of Ottawa are further categorized into the:

  • International English Entrance Scholarship
  • International English Excellence Scholarship

These are average-based renewable scholarships offered to students from Africa, China, Indonesia, South Korea, India, Vietnam and Bangladesh. These students must be studying in the English language and would be automatically qualified for the scholarships when they enroll in an eligible undergraduate program offered in the English language at the University of Ottawa.

9. Jill Sanders Memorial Scholarship

Otherwise known as the Jill Sanders Memorial Scholarship for African Students, the award is issued by the Health Technology Assessment International Society (HTAi), in honor of Dr. Jill Sanders, the one-time Vice President and enthusiast and financier for programs related to Health Technology Assessment (HTA).

Shortlisted applicants are allowed to enroll for an internship, fellowship or educational program that helps them learn more about HTA. On graduation, they’re expected to impart others with the knowledge.

The Jill Sanders Memorial Scholarship awards up to $60,000 yearly, with $5,000 taken out of it to cover for the research costs.

10. QNX Graduate Scholarship

This award is offered by the University of Waterloo located in Ontario, Canada. Valued at $5,000 CAD, the scholarship tends to vary up to that maximum for one full award paid over three academic terms.

The award is open to both Canadian/Permanent Resident and International/Study Permit students who are enrolled in Master’s or Doctoral level programs. The list of shortlisted programs includes but is not limited to:

  • Physics and Astronomy
  • Civil & Environmental Engineering
  • Chemical Engineering
  • Systems Design Engineering
  • Management Sciences
  • Architecture
  • Computer Science
  • Electrical & Computer Engineering
  • Mechanical & Mechatronics Engineering

The selection process is automatically by the Faculty or Department.

Wrapping Up

Several scholarships are available to Nigerian students applying to study in Canada, but you must be fast to send in your pitch before the deadline. The ones listed in this article are some of the open offers so be fast in putting out your applications and be sure to meet the requirements to stand a better chance of getting funded.


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