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Desmond I Crossley Memorial Scholarship

Desmond I Crossley Memorial Scholarship


The University of Alberta is the awarding institution for the Desmond I Crossley Memorial Scholarship. Find out everything you need to know about it.

In Honor of Desmond I Crossley

This award is donated by the family, colleagues, and friends of Desmond I Crossley.

Who Can Get It?

This award is entrusted to the Faculty of Agricultural, Life & Environmental Sciences. Thus, applicants must have received an offer of admission or are currently enrolled in a study program at the aforementioned Faculty.

About the Department

A few words will suffice about this department. The Faculty of Agricultural, Life & Environmental Sciences has a wide range of funding opportunities for students in the Department of Renewable Resources.


It also has a wide range of Specialized Departmental Awards, which require an annual call for specialized graduate scholarships in the areas of Forest Management, Biodiversity Conservation, Land Reclamation, Soil Science, and Agriculture.

The Desmond I Crossley Memorial Scholarship falls under the Forest Management sub-division of the Specialized Departmental Awards.

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Nomination-based Selection

The means to getting the award is via nomation of which the department is responsible for doing so. Indicate your interest by reaching out to your department for further details.

The following are some criteria regarded when deciding on the applicant/student to be nominated:

Be a Student of the Department

You must be in a graduate degree program in the Faculty of Agricultural, Life & Environmental Sciences.

Your Area of Interest

The department also prioritizes students with an interest in either Silviculture or Forest Management. For the latter, as the award is in memory of the late Dr Crossley, the department wishes to pick a student who has a deep interest in or perceived appreciation of forest management.

Eligibility Criteria

Besides the interest in the aforementioned areas and being in a graduate degree program, the department will also assess your eligibility in the following ways:


There isn’t much to worry about this, because the Desmond I Crossley Memorial Scholarship is open for all, including Canadian citizens, permanent residents, and foreign nationals holding Canadian study permits.

Program Type

Students enrolled in either master’s or doctoral programs also have a chance. These programs must either be accessed in the following ways:

  • Course-based or;
  • Thesis-based

The Scholarship Selection Process

The process of picking a student to receive the Desmond I Crossley Memorial Scholarship is as follows:

Streamlined Nomination

The department or Faculty of Agricultural, Life & Environmental Sciences, is vested with the responsibility of choosing students for the award.

It streamlines the potential nominees by verifying their being in a graduate degree program at the time and their particular interest in Silviculture or Forest Management. In some cases, calls may be made for applications. The process typically involves:

  • Announcement: the department announces the opening of the application portal. The departmental mailing list is usually used for this purpose. It is often held in May of each year.
  • Applications: students in the department will make online applications to receive the award.

Important note: prospective or new students who wish to participate need to contact the Associate Chair, of Graduate Studies if they’re not yet on the departmental mailing list.

Nominations are Made

The department/Faculty will then nominate some students out of all the applications or selections made. These nominations are forwarded to the Faculty of Graduate and Postdoctoral Studies (GPS).

Nominees are Picked

The Graduate Scholarship Committee makes the final selection of students from the list. These are the ones to receive the funding for the year.

Note: these nominations typically happens in the Spring/Summer term.

Funding for the Desmond I Crossley Memorial Scholarship

The value of the scholarship is $8,000.

Basis of Awarding

In addition to the selection/eligibility criteria used by the Faculty, the award is offered to students who have exceptional academic backgrounds and or achievements in that regard.

When it’s not Awarded

The scholarship and its amount wouldn’t be awarded until a suitable nominee has been picked.

Available Awards

As of the 2024 Cohort, only two (2) awards are available.

Note about the Valuation

The value or amount of money delegated for the Desmond I Crossley Memorial Scholarship is subject to a yearly determination and as such, is susceptible to an increase or decrease.

Ahead of the calls for applications, departments are advised to confirm the current value of the awards and the number of students that can be accommodated for each cohort.

Award Usage

The awarded sum of $8,000 is usable for tuition and fees and is commonly offered as a discount or waiver of the tuition.

Deadline Details

Applications are accepted from the Spring/Summer term. Once the admission process for the term is over, the award application may follow suit.

However, some departments may have internal deadlines, which depend on how long it’d likely take them to finalize the adjudication process. For this, you may wish to contact the department for information on when applications would be closed.

Information for the Applicants

To qualify for the Desmond I Crossley Memorial Scholarship, make sure to have either finalized your admission requirements (leading to an offer for admission) or already in a graduate degree program in the Faculty of Agricultural, Life & Environmental Sciences.

You’re also expected to have an interest in certain courses or subjects, spanning Forest Management, Silviculture, Applied & Pure Sciences, Agriculture, and Veterinary Medicine.

Keep in mind that the basis of selection or getting awarded is on academic achievement. Having a good rating in your undergraduate or first-degree program will go a long way here.

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The Desmond I Crossley Memorial Scholarship, instituted in memory of Dr. Desmond Crossley, is used to fund the graduate education of students drawn from different parts of the world, including Canada, the United States, Nigeria, and other nationalities outside Canada.

By using a selection approach overseen by the Faculty of Agricultural, Life & Environmental Sciences, the University of Alberta ensures that only students with brilliant academic excellence are prioritized.

Finally, as an applicant cum student, ensure to start your application within the Spring/Summer term, which falls in-between May and July.


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