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Jill Sanders Memorial Scholarship

Jill Sanders Memorial Scholarship


This is also called the Jill Sanders Memorial Scholarship for African Students, as this is the demographic for the funding. If you’re from Nigeria and looking to study in Canada, this is one of the awards that’ll help give you access to quality education with some of the bills paid on your behalf.

What is the Jill Sanders Memorial Scholarship?

This is a scholarship offered in memory of Dr. Jill Sanders, the former Vice President of HTAi and President and CEO of the Canadian Agency for Drugs and Technologies in Health.

The award, being given out in  her memory, is in recognition of the following:

  • During her time, Dr. Sanders ensured the facilitation of international collaborations in Health Technology Assessment (HTA).
  • It’s also in recognition of her commitment to the building of HTA capacity in developing countries.
  • The scholarship also serves as a reminder of Dr. Sanders’ investments in not just mentoring students in the field of HTA, but also professionals in the same niche.

About the HTAi

The Health Technology Assessment International Society (HTAi), which Dr. Jill Sanders had overseen the activities as the Vice President, is responsible for awarding the Jill Sanders Memorial Scholarship.


The HTAi, as a charitable not-for-profit society located in Alberta, Canada, is dedicated to the promotion of the relevance and use of the Health Technology Assessment (HTA).

It also helps decision-making for a high-quality health system by running a multidisciplinary process that uses explicit methods in determining the value of health technology at different points of its lifecycle.

Who is the Jill Sanders Memorial Scholarship for?

The HTAi dedicates the Jill Sanders Memorial Scholarship to individuals residing in African countries, as a way of helping in funding their education and research in the field of Health Technology Assessment (HTA).

Scope of the Research

While the funding is targeted at individuals interested in increased knowledge of HTA, it can also be used in other ways.

For example, the HTAi can allow students who have been picked, to embark on study programs at an educational institution in Canada to undertake a program relating to HTA. That helps fulfill the overall goal of “having a positive impact on HTA capacity in African countries through a developing professional HTA capacity.”

Second, the scholarship may support participation in an internship with an HTA agency or an NGO in the same field.

Eligibility Criteria

To qualify for the Jill Sanders Memorial Scholarship, applicants need to meet certain prerequisites, including:


You must be an African, residing in an African country at the time of making an application.

Field of Study

The Jill Sanders Memorial Scholarship is mainly for individuals residing in Africa, who wish to enroll in HTA-related training programs in a Canadian institution. The funding covers programs at these levels:

  • Masters
  • Certification or training program
  • PhD
  • Fellowship

Note: eligible educational programs leading to a Diploma may also be considered.

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Scope of the Funding

The Jill Sanders Memorial Scholarship particularly funds educational programs leading to a degree, diploma, or certificate. However, the following exceptions apply:

  • Applicants must be accepted into a full-time internship program with an HTA agency or a Non-Governmental Organization (NGO). internships with other public sector bodies, including the Ministry of Health are also considered.
  • Being registered or accepted into a fellowship program in HTA.

Overall, the scope of the funding ensures that the applicants are in a good place to learn more about Health Technology Assessment (HTA), where they’ll garner practical experiences for solving real-world problems.

Value of the Jill Sanders Memorial Scholarship

A total sum of CAD 20,000 is available for the HTAi Jill Sanders Memorial Scholarship program each fiscal year. This scholarship remains active until the total amount of available funding is exhausted.

Application Process for the Jill Sanders Memorial Scholarship

Two (2) main applicants are required for the scholarship and their roles are spelled out below.

The Applicant

You, as the individual needing funding to pursue further education in the field of HTA, are applying to the HTAi for access to the scholarship.

The Organizational Sponsor

You’re required to add an Organizational Sponsor to your application. This Sponsor is tagged along because of these reasons:

  • Your Organizational Sponsor supports you (the applicant) to apply the skills and knowledge gained in the scholarship program for the “advancement of HTA in African countries.” The support can come in different ways, including connecting the applicant to networks or making a paid employment position available.
  • The Sponsor is not always a person, but an organization located in an African country. The organization must also be involved in Health Technology Assessment (HTA). Preferably, the organization must where the applicant studies or works during the duration of the Jill Sanders Memorial Scholarship.

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Applying for the Jill Sanders Memorial Scholarship

The online application form must be completed by both the Applicant and Organizational Sponsor.

The following documents are required:

  • The completed form must include your (Applicant) signature and that of the Organizational Sponsor.
  • Documentation demonstrating or detailing the costs of the program and other eligible expenses. Make sure to add the original receipts.
  • Letter of Support from the representative of the Organizational Sponsor. It must come with the organization’s letterhead.
  • Written confirmation of registration and or acceptance of the applicant. This should originate from the organization or (educational) institution that offered you the internship, educational, or fellowship program.

Other information you’ll be asked to include are:

  • Contact information, including telephone number, name and title, email address, country of permanent residence and country of current residence (if different from the former). You are to also indicate whether you have applied for the scholarship in the past. If so, explain the reason for a new application.
  • Statement of Intent, which is a detailed reason or motivation for applying for the internship/educational or fellowship program. You’ll also explain how you can help advance the knowledge of Health Technology Assessment (HTA) in low-and-middle-income countries using the expertise garnered from the program.


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