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How to Apply for Mitacs Elevate Postdoctoral Fellowship from Nigeria

How to Apply for Mitacs Elevate Postdoctoral Fellowship from Nigeria


What is Mitacs Elevate Fellowship all about and how can you apply from Nigeria?

Mitacs, a catalyzing force in the Canadian innovation ecosystem, continually looks to develop more talents and fund more research-based projects that further increase the prosperity and productivity of the Canadian economy.

The Mitacs Elevate fellowship is a program dedicated to finding and funding the research-based education of researchers from different parts of the world.

About Mitacs

Mitacs wants to “bring innovation to more people and places across Canada and the world.” It prioritizes Canada because it has realized the unique potential of the country and the need to use a combination of innovation and research to drive up its economic fortunes.


To that end, Mitacs funds the Mitacs Elevate postdoctoral fellowship, which is a means to attract top talents from other parts of the world to come over to Canada, study, and complete their respective quotas towards delivering unique solutions to some of the country’s most pressing problems.

What is the Mitacs Elevate all About?

It is a postdoctoral fellowship with an exclusive professional development curriculum component. Through this fellowship, fellows are guided in the art of addressing complex challenges by leveraging a professional development curriculum that prepares them for successful careers as thought leaders in research and industry. These fellows also tackle common challenges by embarking on a funded one or two-year research project with a partner organization that needs high-level research experts across different disciplines.

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What’s in it for You?

As a Mitacs Fellow, you’re offered access to the following:

Further Your Research

In line with its commitment to funding researches that help strengthen local and international collaborations, Mitacs pairs fellows to organizations. The idea is not just to help these partners get experts in different disciplines, but also to help its fellows further their research in collaboration with both the organizations and the academic institution.

As a fellow, within the year or two of the program, you’ll also work hand-in-hand with your academic supervisor to see that the research sees the light of the day.

Get Annual Stipends

You’re offered an award of $60,000 which is broken down to an annual stipend of $55,000 and the sum of $5,000 dedicated to research costs. These funds are generated in the following ways:

  • $30,000 per year from Mitacs
  • $30,000 per year partner contribution.

Professional Development

An all-around career development is also one of the benefits of becoming a Mitacs Fellow. The curriculum development component is designed to help you become more professional and get on track to becoming a leader in your discipline’s research area.

The exclusive professional development curriculum is delivered through Mitacs EDGE Learning Management System and covers the following training courses:

  • Reconciliation and EDI
  • Writing and presentation skills
  • Networking skills
  • Career planning
  • Project and time management
  • Communication skills
  • Research and Development (R&D) management
  • Leadership skills

Becoming a Mitacs Fellow: Who Is Eligible?

Several factors are considered before one is considered eligible for the fellowship. The first is the place of origin, of which Mitacs makes the fellowship open to Canadians, permanent residents in the country, and international applicants.

The second criterion is the location of the educational institution. You must be based at an academic institution in Canada at the time of applying and during the duration of the fellowship. This includes polytechnics and colleges.

Other criteria for consideration:

  • Your time of graduating from or completing a PhD program must be less than five (5) years from the proposed start date of the Mitacs Elevate project.
  • You should your commitment not just to the Mitacs Elevate fellowship, but also to following through in the exclusive professional development curriculum.
  • You must have fulfilled all your PhD degree requirements, including final deposit, successful defense, and signing off the dissertation.
  • Prospective Mitacs fellows must also meet the postdoctoral fellow eligibility criteria at their home academic institution.

Steps to Applying for Mitacs Fellowship

Verify Your Eligibility

Make sure you’re suitably qualified to become a fellow. Here’s what to look for:

  • Check the eligibility of the postdoctoral fellow, partner organization, or academic supervisor.
  • Make sure you don’t have a potential Conflict of Interest (COI).

Application Guidelines

  • Connect with a Mitacs Advisor: After connecting with an advisor, you should start the application and use the guidelines in the Elevates downloads to write your proposal.
  • Upload Your Documents: you’ll be asked to provide/upload the following documents: a Letter of Recommendation (from either a person with your research expertise or a former supervisor); your postdoctoral CV and any other supporting documentation, where applicable.
  • Submit your application once you’re sure the above details have been provided.

What Happens Next?

Haven successfully provided the required information and uploaded supporting documents, you should keep an eye on your mailbox for an email. You’ll receive an email confirmation, letting you know the application has been received.

The application will go through the adjudication process. If successful, you’ll be notified but keep the following in mind:

  • You can only start the project after the research proposal has been approved.
  • Mitacs can only allow you to start the project when the partner organization has remitted the quota of the funds ($30,000) for the research.

Why Mitacs Elevate: The Benefits

Additional advantages are offered to fellows whose project is approved and allowed to embark on the research.

First, Mitacs and the partner organizations will help fund the research to the tune of an annual stipend of $55,000. In addition, you will be given an extra $5,000 to cover research costs.

Second, you’re sure of extra support, in the form of application feedback and proposal assistance from a Mitacs Advisor.

Third, fellows will be issued a Certificate of Completion. This is done after receipt of their exit survey and the submission of the final report.

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Final Thoughts

Mitacs Elevate is the ideal fellowship for professionals wishing to embark on further research to unlock more depth in their respective disciplines. In addition to receiving generous funding for this, you’re also given access to training courses. This training courses will enhance your skills and give you access to partner organizations. This is where peer learning and cross-disciplinary opportunities can be garnered.


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