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Novartis Pharmaceuticals Canada Inc Graduate Scholarship

Novartis Pharmaceuticals Canada Inc Graduate Scholarship


Pharmaceutical students from Nigeria can benefit from the Novartis Pharmaceuticals Canada Inc Graduate Scholarship awarded by the University of Alberta. This article explains everything you need to know about it.

What is the Novartis Pharmaceuticals Canada Inc Graduate Scholarship?

It is an award offered by the University of Alberta in Canada as part of the endowment by the donor, Novartis Pharmaceuticals Canada Inc.

Details of the Scholarship

Novartis Pharmaceuticals Canada Inc Graduate Scholarship is a department-specific award, meaning that the awarding institution, the University of Alberta, permits the three (3) shortlisted faculties to oversee the process.

Below are some additional information:


Number of Accepted Applications

There is no limit to the number of applications accepted. However, only three (3) awards are available yearly across the three faculties, at a ratio of an award to each of the faculties.

Qualifications Required

As a graduate scholarship, the award is ideal for students enrolling in either a Doctorate or Postgraduate program at the University of Alberta.

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Eligibility Criteria

You must have received an offer of admission to the University of Alberta as part of the consideration requirements. The following criteria also apply:

Study Program

You must apply for a Postgraduate or Doctorate program at the institution.

Study Programs

The Novartis Pharmaceuticals Canada Inc Graduate Scholarship favors applicants to any of the following:

  • Thesis-based study programs
  • Masters programs
  • Course-based study programs
  • Doctoral programs

Faculty Considerations

Only the Faculty of Science, Faculty of Pharmacy & Pharmaceutical Sciences, and the Faculty of Medicine and Dentistry are shortlisted for the award. Only a scholarship will be awarded to a suitably qualified student who is:

  • Registered in a department within each of the aforementioned three (3) Faculties.
  • Applying to a shortlisted study program/level.


The award is universal, encompassing all categories of students at the University of Alberta, based on their nationalities. Canadians, Permanent Residents, and foreign nationals/international students with a study permit to school in Canada are allowed to be shortlisted for the Novartis Pharmaceuticals Canada Inc. Graduate Scholarship.

Scope of the Study Programs

Irrespective of the programs enrolled for in any of the Faculties, students also need to make sure they’re within the recognized scope to be considered for the award.

You must be conducting research in scientific, medical, or pharmaceutical areas that lead to pharmaceutical development.

Eligible Intake

The award is specifically for students who are on full-time enrollment in health and medicine, scientific, or pharmaceutical fields of study. You must have also received an offer of admission into the University of Alberta during the Spring/Summer term, which is when the nominations are due.

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Valuation of the Award

The Novartis Pharmaceuticals Canada Inc Graduate Scholarship is valued at $2,400. It is only open to three students with one drawn from each of the shortlisted Faculties. Thus, only the sum of $7,200 is distributed annually through this scholarship. Those who are eligible to receive it are three deserving postgraduate and doctorate students at the University of Alberta.

Note: The value and number of awards issued may vary by the year. As such, the departments or faculties can confirm through the GSMS, the actual number of awards and the amount before shortlisting students.

How the Fund is Distributed

The award is offered in the form of a fee waiver or discount. Thus, the sum of $2,400 will be deducted from the selected students’ annual tuition fees. They will have to pay up the balance before commencing studies at the institution.

Steps to Applying for the Award

This is a department-specific award, allowing the three Faculties to choose students. Thus, only students nominated (one each from the three Faculties) will be awarded. These nominations are due in the Spring/Summer term each year.

To get started, students who are interested in the scholarship should contact their department for further details.

Compilation of the Nominations

The three Faculties can come up with the names or details of the different students they shortlisted to receive the Novartis Pharmaceuticals Canada Inc. Graduate Scholarship. They’re to submit these to the Faculty of Graduate & Postdoctoral Studies (GPS).

Final Decision

On the submission of the nominations by the Department or the Faculty, the Graduate Scholarship Committee will then sit and make a final decision on which three of the shortlisted students will receive the award.

Deadline for Submission

The award is available yearly as the University of Alberta is the awarding institution. When it comes to the deadline, the following points are worth noting:

Year of Application

The award aligns with the current admission year. For example, during the 2024-25 academic calendar, only postgraduate and doctorate students of the University of Alberta applying for the shortlisted programs or courses will be considered.

Department-based Deadlines

The departments or faculties are responsible for shortlisting students for the award. They may have internal deadlines that differ from the general closing window for the yearly admissions of new students into graduate programs at the University of Alberta.

Check in with any of the three Faculties to be sure of the actual deadlines or timeframes needed to adjudicate the shortlisted students and awards before submitting the same to the GPS.

What to do as a Student

As a graduate student looking to leverage the Novartis Pharmaceuticals Canada Inc Graduate Scholarship to reduce your tuition fees, there isn’t much to do as it’s up to the departments/Faculties to determine who gets it.

But here are some things you must do before the award considerations:

  • Enroll in Appropriate Programs: The award is only for postgraduate and doctorate students who are enrolled in the following types of programs: course-based, thesis-based, doctoral, and master’s.
  • Registration: The Novartis Pharmaceuticals Canada Inc Graduate Scholarship doesn’t require an extra application. Students who registered in a department within each of the three participating Faculties (Medicine & Dentistry, Science and Pharmacy & Pharmaceutical Sciences) are considered.
  • Research Areas: the scope or focus of your postgraduate research must be in the following areas: medical, scientific, or pharmaceutical.

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Final Words

The Novartis Pharmaceuticals Canada Inc Graduate Scholarship helps postgraduate and doctorate students from Canada and other parts of the world receive waivers in their tuition fees, up to the sum of $2,400. Make sure to complete your admission application on time and register with a department within the three Faculties to qualify.


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