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Top 10 Canada Funded Phd Scholarships

Top 10 Canada Funded Phd Scholarships


How can I get a full scholarship for PHd in Canada, the best PhD scholarship in Canada ? These are questions being  asked by international students on how to go for their PhD program.

Canada is a good option for students seeking to do a Ph.D. Being a class high price, the Ph.D. degree, yet, is a worthy one. Hence, it is hard for students to find the best and the cheapest countries in the world for Ph.D. studies. 

Canada is well known around the world as probably the most popular destination for study. Candidates in the Ph.D. program in Canada will pay less tuition fees than in countries such as the USA or the UK.

The government of Canada grants a variety of PhD scholarships, to help international students who achieve in academics. This blog will pack in the details about PhD scholarships in Canada!


The Top 10 Canada Fully Funded Phd. Scholarships

Here is a list of Ph.D. scholarships in Canada that all students from other nations should be aware of: Here is a list of Ph.D. scholarships in Canada that all students from other nations should be aware of:

1. University of Saskatchewan 

The University of Saskatchewan is renowned for its exceptional research environment where collaboration is highly appreciated, and the University is ranked the first in Canada for water research.

The University of Saskatchewan Graduate Scholarship is open to any incoming international students enrolled in a Master’s program or Ph.D. scholarship program.

So, what is the worst part? It covers a fully funded scholarship of up to CA$20,000 per year for 36 months to PhD candidates.

For being enrolled in university, you will be immediately qualified for the scholarship according to your academic results and financial status.

2. McGill University Scholarships in Canada

McGill University is one of the world’s leading universities, ranking 31st in the QS World University Rankings 2023.

The institution intends to make the programs more affordable for students facing financial challenges.

As such, it provides scholarships to international students studying undergraduate, master’s, and PhD programs.

A small number of bursaries are available to PhD candidates to assist them financially. The deadline for scholarships at McGill is determined by your admission.

3. Montreal University Fully Funded Scholarship

The Montreal University has 36,000 students, making it Canada’s second-largest institution.

The UdeM exemption scholarship scheme was created to ensure that students from all over the world have access to one of Canada’s leading research universities.

This scholarship initiative is open to all international students studying undergraduate, master’s, or PhD degrees at the university. The University offers up to CA$ 21,593.35 each year.

For additional information about other scholarships, please visit the Graduate and Postdoctoral Studies page.

4. University of Alberta Scholarships

The University of Alberta is a comprehensive academic and research university founded in 1908. 

The university is routinely ranked as one of Canada’s best choices for international students due to the numerous financial alternatives available. 

Among the scholarships available is the Graduate Entrance Scholarship, which is open to any students enrolled in a master’s or doctorate program. 

Recipients of the scholarship pursuing a Ph.D. will get a stipend of CA$21,000, with an additional CA$10,000 provided to overseas students to help cover their tuition. 

Furthermore, starting this year, the university will no longer require IELTS for candidates from numerous nations. 

The scholarship deadline fluctuates throughout the year and is determined by your acceptance period.

5. University of Waterloo Scholarships

The University of Waterloo is a public research university in Canada that is ranked seventh among the best global universities in Canada by US News. 

The institution provides scholarships to all international students pursuing undergraduate, master’s, and PhD programs. The Graduate Scholarship at the University of Waterloo is fully funded and is worth up to $10,000.

The successful awardees will get privileges such as the International Master’s Award of Excellence which is worth $2,500 per term for a maximum of six terms.

The deadline for the application for the scholarship is determined by the program you are enrolled in. Click here to see the deadline for the program.

6. University of Toronto Scholarships

The University of Toronto is a publicly funded research university in Ontario, Canada.

The university grants a range of award scholarships for undergraduate and graduate students. These scholarships are available to Canadians, permanent residents, and international students as well.

It provides great deals of merit awards, scholarships for leadership, those for financial difficulty, and other types.

All PhD candidates will get a base funding package for up to five years of their studies. If accepted, international grantees will receive CA$27,811, which includes a UHIP of CA$756.00.

Applicants must maintain their academic performance in their program to stay eligible for funding for the next five years.

7. University of Ottawa Scholarships

The University of Ottawa provides an International Doctoral Scholarship to all international students enrolling in a PhD program.

This award is open to full-time international students. The award is worth CA$45,000 over five years.

The scholarships are open to all undergraduate, master’s, and doctoral students.

8. University of British Columbia

The University of British Columbia is one of the world’s top universities, placed #40 in the Times Higher Education rankings for 2023.

The Four Year Doctoral Fellowship (4YF) is an excellent option for those who wish to pursue a PhD at this university. This program assures that students who have achieved academic distinction get at least CA$18,200 in financial aid each year.

This scholarship is open to all overseas students and is renewable dependent on admittance.

9. The University of Lethbridge

The University of Lethbridge is ranked as a leading Canadian research university and into the top 6 percent of the world’s universities by global research performance.

Graduate Research Award is the award available for all the graduate students at the university to get financial assistance.

The only students who are not eligible for this help are those pursuing a program in the Faculty of Education.

The applicant will not be excluded from getting admitted and will be eligible to get awards up to CA$ 21,000.

10. Concordia University Canada Scholarships

Concordia University is one of the prestigious public universities in Montreal, Canada. The institute offers both awards and scholarships for all students desiring a Ph.D.

Students do not have to apply for these admission scholarships as they will automatically be considered.

For more details on the scholarship, check the School of Graduate Studies Entrance Awards.


Awesome right? We hope that this information has helped you in knowing what fully funded PhD scholarships are available in Canada and the application process.

Just be aware that a successful scholarship search requires a lot of time and effort, but the outcome is worth it. Just be patient, read, and don’t give up.

Keep your goals in mind and stay focused on realizing them. With the right mix of willpower and diligence, you can accomplish whatever you set as your aim. I wish you academic success!


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