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Top 10 Scholarships To Study In Any Country

Top 10 Scholarships To Study In Any Country


Desire to Study Abroad for Free? in the best places in the world for education? Indeed, there are thousands of international scholarships available for study abroad in many nations.

These international Scholarships are offered by prestigious international universities for Undergraduate, Master’s, Ph.D., and Short Course programs.

These international scholarships are available to students worldwide for their promising futures. The top 10 free scholarships to study abroad are shown in this article.

Top 10 Free Scholarships to Study Abroad

Every student has the desire to study abroad, but many are unable to realize this ambition because of the exorbitant cost of attendance at overseas universities. To assist students who would like to study abroad, we have put together a list of free scholarships.


1. Erasmus Mundus Joint Master Scholarships

One of the most well-known scholarships available to international students in Europe is the Erasmus Mundus program. A very competitive scholarship for master’s degree programs is the Erasmus Mundus Scholarship.

Enrolling in a joint master’s program offered by Erasmus Mundus may qualify you for a full scholarship that pays for both your living expenses and schooling.

The program will send you to at least two international colleges, and it typically lasts one to two years.

2. Fulbright Foreign Student Scholarships Program

In the United States, one of the well-known global scholarship programs for exceptionally talented students is the Fulbright Scholarship.

There are currently scholarships and fellowships available for postgraduate students, young entrepreneurs, and artists pursuing study or research in the US.

Applications and conditions for acceptance to Fulbright Scholarships differ from nation to nation; all the information you need is provided here. Select your country from the selection at the bottom of the page and wait for the link to take you to the relevant page.

3. Chinese Government Scholarships

The Chinese government announces approximately 20,000 scholarships annually for international students enrolled in short courses, bachelor’s, master’s, and doctoral degree programs at more than 250 world-class Chinese universities.

These fully financed Chinese government scholarships will pay for all of the student’s costs while they are studying in China.

4. Clarendon Scholarships In UK

A focus on academic success across all areas is placed on the 140 highly sought-after postgraduate scholarships and fellowships that the Clarendon Scholarships fund gives each year for a full stipend at Oxford University.

You will be eligible to apply for the scholarship right away if you submit your application before the program’s January deadline.

5. Adelaide Scholarships In Australia For International Students

The University of Adelaide in Australia offers postgraduate bursaries to international students that cover tuition, health insurance, and compensation.

The scholarship is awarded for two years for master’s degrees and three years for doctoral degrees.

To be qualified, you must hold a degree that is the equivalent of a first-class honors degree in Australia. Complete the Adelaide Scholarships online application form in order to apply.

6. University Of British Columbia Scholarships

The University of British Columbia provides about fifty international students with scholarships in Canada each year.

International applicants must apply to the University of British Columbia in Canada for undergraduate scholarships, which are given out based on their need for academic success and financial needs.

To be eligible, you need to demonstrate financial need, be a worldwide student, have an exceptional academic record, and not hold a prior undergraduate degree.

7. University Of Westminster Scholarships 

To be eligible for a full scholarship to at the University of Westminster in the United Kingdom, you must be a global applicant from a poor country who has been accepted on a full-time basis.

Check to find if your country is deemed developing. These grants are awarded based on academic accomplishment, financial need, and possibilities for advancement.

8. Germany Government Scholarships

International students can realize their ambition of studying in Germany with the hundreds of international scholarships that leading German universities provide each year.

The “DAAD Germany Government Scholarships” are the moniker under which the German government is funding these scholarships.

Full funding is provided by the German government for master’s and doctoral students enrolled in multiple degree programs.

9. Scholarships In Canada For International Students

The Canadian government, Canadian colleges, and private organizations together offer thousands of scholarships for free study in Canada each year.

Short courses, undergraduate/bachelor, master’s, and doctoral students in all academic subjects and majors are eligible for these scholarships.

10. Romania Government Scholarships

Every year, the Romanian Government awards International Romania Government Scholarships at leading Romanian universities.

The Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Romania funds these Europe Scholarships. Romania Government Scholarships is a fully funded scholarship scheme for pursuing undergraduate, master’s, and doctoral studies in Romania.


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