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Pepsi Football Academy Scholarship

Pepsi Football Academy Scholarship


The Pepsi Football Academy Scholarship is one of the most coveted awards for young football players around the world. But what exactly is it, and what does it take to win?

We’ll explore the ins and outs of this scholarship, from the application process to the benefits it provides. So whether you’re a budding footballer or just curious about sports scholarships, this is one article you don’t want to miss!

Overview of Pepsi Football Academy Scholarship

The Pepsi Football Academy Scholarship began in 1992. It was launched by PepsiCo Nigeria in collaboration with the Nigerian Football Federation (NFF). The goal was to identify and nurture young football potential in Nigeria.

Every year, talented young footballers from various parts of Nigeria were chosen following rigorous tryouts. These trials were held in several cities to provide opportunities to as many young people as feasible.


Following selection, the participants received specialised training from renowned coaches. They were also given educational support to help them balance their football goals with their grades.

Over time, the scholarship program grew in popularity thanks to numerous player success stories who went on to represent Nigeria in both national and international tournaments.

In Nigerian football, the Pepsi Football Academy Scholarship is still a vital program that supports the development of the nation’s youth.

Eligibility Criteria for the Pepsi Football Academy Scholarship

  • Applicants must be within the age range of 13-19 years.
  • Showing exceptional talent and potential in football through trials or selections is an important factor.
  • Maintaining satisfactory academic performance might be required
  • The scholarship is specific to Nigerians
  • Good character, sportsmanship, and a strong work ethic are also considered.

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Required Documents for the Scholarship

  • Completed application form
  • Birth certificate
  • Passport photographs
  • School transcripts or report cards
  • Medical certificate
  • Letters of recommendation

How Do You Get Into Pepsi Football Academy

The Pepsi Football Academy requires potential students to visit one of its training facilities and present themselves to the trainers in order to apply. Coaches will assess applicants’ football skills and qualities, including touches, balance, and speed. In the event that the coaches determine the candidate is qualified and pleased, he or she will receive an application and registration form for the Pepsi Football Academy.

Candidates can complete the application forms at home. Parents or guardians must register with their qualifying child(ren). Please send applications and any required documentation.

There are no expenses but potential players must visit any of the local training facilities so they can have their football ability and intellectual capacity assessed.

If they qualify, they will give an application form to take home. To complete registration, applicants must fill out the forms and mail them with their parents or guardians, together with the required paperwork, which includes:

  • A birth certificate
  • Passport photographs of the applicant and their parent(s)
  • Those who have completed secondary school should present their Senior Secondary School Certificate exam results, such as WAEC or NECO.
  • Applicants must have at least five credits in mathematics, English language, and any of the other three subjects.
  • A history of medical reports from certified medical personnel
  • If the candidate’s application is accepted, they can now pay the needed costs and begin training.

Does Pepsi Football Academy Offer Accommodation

The Pepsi Football Academy does not provide housing or academic instruction to its students. Individuals who want to combine study and football development might apply to the Football College in Orile-Imo.

For more information on how to join Pepsi Football Academy in Nigeria, visit the training facility or visit the “The Football College” section of the Pepsi Football Academy Facebook page. It’s best to go to the training centre.


It’s clear that the Pepsi Football Academy Scholarship is more than just a monetary award. It’s a chance for young people to follow their dreams and turn their passion for football into a meaningful career.

The scholarship provides not only financial assistance but also invaluable mentorship and support to help recipients reach their full potential.

 And who knows? Maybe one day, one of these young athletes will go on to win the World Cup, and it all started with the Pepsi Football Academy.