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The World Bank Scholarship 2024

The World Bank Scholarship 2024


The World Bank Scholarship 2024 is an incredible opportunity for people who are motivated and concerned about pursuing a master’s degree program in a field connected to development.

The World Bank Scholarship Program is designed to support economic growth, human resources, education, and capacity building by accepting students from around the world.

This fully-funded scholarship program is intended for gifted kids who wish to enroll in a foreign university to pursue higher education.

Overview of the World Bank Scholarship

The World Bank Scholarships Program connects students worldwide with these countries to enable low-income students to pursue higher education.


Students seeking a master’s degree may enroll in this program, with placement opportunities available in any of the partner countries: the United States, Japan, Oceania, Africa and Europe.

International students may apply for over 26 master’s programs that are participating in JJ/WBGSP with full funding through this fellowship.

Young researchers will get a two-year chance to assist the World Bank’s work through the scholarship program. Thanks to this scholarship program, over 6,000 mid-career professionals from developing countries have obtained degrees in subjects related to development.

Benefits Of The Scholarship

  • Full Tuition Fee
  • Economy Class Air Travel
  • medical insurance
  • There will be a monthly subsistence allowance given to help with living costs, such as housing, food, and books.

Eligibility Criteria Of The World Bank Scholarship Program

1. possess citizenship in one of the developing nations on the World Bank’s list

2. not possess dual citizenship with any advanced nation

3. Be healthy

4. possess a Bachelor’s degree, or its equivalent, obtained no less than three years before the application deadline;

5. hold a full-time, paid job connected to development at the time the scholarship application is submitted. hold a bachelor’s degree and have worked in a paid development-related capacity for at least three years. 

The position has to be held for the last six years following the application date. Citizens of developing countries who live in countries on the list of unstable and conflict-ridden states are the only exception to this criterion.

6. be admitted unconditionally (barring funds) to at least one of the JJ/WBGSP selected institution master’s programs situated outside the applicant’s country of citizenship and place of residence for the upcoming academic year on or before the Scholarship Application Deadline. Before submitting your application, the letter of admission needs to be uploaded.

7. Not working for the World Bank Group as an Executive Director, his or her substitute, or staff member; furthermore, you cannot be a close relative of any of the aforementioned individuals by blood or adoption, with the terms “close relative”.

To Apply for World Bank Scholarship Program

The following steps are usually involved in the JJWBS application process:

1. Review the eligibility criteria: Generally speaking, the program requires a bachelor’s degree, appropriate work experience, and fluency in English. Be sure you meet these prerequisites.

2. Visit the WB official website: You may find the application form on the JJWBS website. It will inquire about your work experience, educational background, and personal details.

3. Prepare required documents: Transcripts, evidence of professional experience, and a statement of purpose can be examples of this. Which documents are needed will be specified on the program’s website.

4. Submit the application: On or before the deadline, the full application and all necessary paperwork must be uploaded online via the official website.

5. Wait for the decision: After reviewing the applications, the JJWBS selection committee will let the applicants know what they have decided.

Since they can vary from year to year, it’s critical to check the JJWBS website for the most recent instructions and deadlines. Furthermore, if you have any queries or worries concerning the application procedure, it is always a good idea to get in touch with the JJWBS coordinators.


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