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Usa Scholarships For International Students 2024

Usa Scholarships For International Students 2024


Usa Scholarships For International Students ; The United States being home to some of the best universities in the world makes it a very good destination for studying. However, the price might be steep. That is why, many students turn to scholarships for help.

Many scholarship opportunities are available, but finding the right one for you may be difficult. We’ll discuss everything you need to know about undergraduate scholarships granted to foreign students studying in the US.

Top 10 Fully Funded Usa Scholarships For International Students 2024

Some questions like how can I get a fully funded scholarship in usa? How to get a 100% scholarship in usa? Which university in the USA gives full scholarships? These questions are asked mainly by international students who want to study abroad. 

They are as follows;

  1. Fulbright Scholarships USA
  2. Stanford University Scholarships
  3. Yale University Scholarships USA
  4. University of Memphis Scholarships
  5. University of Michigan Dearborn Scholarship in USA
  6. University of Cincinnati Scholarships in USA
  7. Corban University Scholarships
  8. University of Mississippi Scholarships
  9. University of Detroit Mercy Scholarships
  10. University of Memphis Scholarships
  11. ACI Foundation Scholarship

Let’s look at each scholarship detail below.


1. Fulbright Scholarships USA

Everything is covered by the scholarship, including living expenses, health insurance, travel costs, and tuition. The Fulbright program covers the cost of study for the duration of the program.

The official website and webpages for each country have an extensive list of scholarship benefits.

Eligibility and Requirement:

  • Applicants must be citizens/nationals of the United States of America as of the application deadline.
  • Applicants must have a bachelor’s degree or equivalent before the grant period begins. They must also meet the language requirements of the specific award.
  • Applicants may have a J.D. at the time of application.

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2 Stanford University Scholarships

Ittravel stipend intended to cover one economy round-trip ticket to and from Stanford each year. a living allowance for living expenditures and educational costs (which include modest personal expenses, books, classroom materials, teaching aids, local transportation, and board and lodging).

It is a scholarship that is specifically intends to cover tuition and associated expenses (based on the average attendance level within the department).

Generally, the Knight-Hennessy Scholars program does not pay for costs that your home department at Stanford pays for its students, such as lab equipment or subscriptions.

Eligibility and Requirement:

  • Applications to the Knight-Hennessy Scholars Program are accepted from every country.
  • 2015 or later saw the receipt of a first or bachelor’s degree.
  • You need to have first-rate mental acuity and actively seek out new information and experiences.
  • You need to finish the whole application process, including any standardized tests required by your graduate degree program, in addition to your Knight-Hennessy Scholars application.
  • To study at Stanford, you need to speak, read, write, and listen in English with ease.

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3. Yale University Scholarships USA

The Yale University scholarship covers all of the costs for international students. Graduate, postgraduate, and undergraduate degrees are all eligible for this grant. A Yale need-based scholarship typically awards approximately $50,000.

Eligibility and Requirement:

  1. Required Language: English
  2. TOEFL scores of at least the following:
  3. 250 on the computer-based TOEFL
  4. 100 on the internet-based TOEFL
  5. 600 on the paper-based TOEFL

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4. University of Memphis Scholarships

One fully funded scholarship available to international students is the University of Memphis Scholarship. Both graduate and undergraduate programs are eligible for this scholarship.

The scholarships vary in value and are intended to offset the cost of tuition for non-residents of Tennessee who are not citizens of other countries.

Eligibility and Requirement:

  • Admitted to the University of Memphis 
  • 25 ACT or 1200 SAT equivalent or
  • 3.25 U.S.A. equivalent undergraduate degree GPA 

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5. University of Michigan Dearborn Scholarship in USA

The University of Michigan Dearborn Undergraduate Award in the United States will grant scholarships worth $10,000 each year for up to four years (each scholarship worth $40,000 over four years).

Eligibility and Requirement:

  • Be enrolled as a full-time student at UM-Dearborn
  • Have a minimum GPA (varies depending on the scholarship)
  • Demonstrate financial need (for some scholarships)
  • Meet any additional requirements specific to the scholarship

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6. University of Cincinnati Scholarships in USA

Undergraduate grants are renewable at an average rate of $8,000 annually for up to eight years. Over a four-year period, this comes to $32,000.

Students enrolled in regional schools could anticipate receiving an average grant of $1,500 annually, or $3000 over two years.

Eligibility and Requirement:

  • Your full University of Cincinnati admissions application will determine your eligibility for scholarships.
  • A check of your academic record will be conducted as part of the eligibility assessment.
  • Your exam scores, if applicable to your selected academic degree, will also be taken into account while evaluating scholarships.
  • The number of scholarships awarded is decided by considering each student’s qualifications in each academic program.

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6. Corban University Scholarships

The recipients of this scholarship from Corban University will receive $16,844, which covers half of the program’s tuition.

Eligibility and Requirement:

  • Be a degree-seeking student at Corban University.
  • Meet the university’s admission requirements.
  • Complete the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) (required for need-based scholarships).
  • Submit any required scholarship applications and supporting materials.

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7. University of Mississippi Scholarships

The value of the scholarships ranges from $23,454 to $3,900, or almost two to three times the federal poverty threshold.

95 percent to 15 percent of undergraduate tuition (base plus non-resident tuition); or 55 percent to 9 percent of the entire cost of attendance (tuition, housing, food, books, health insurance, etc.).

Scholarships are often credits against both resident and non-resident tuition costs. Scholarships cannot be used in lieu of other awards, nor may they be greater than the whole of the resident tuition or non-resident fee.

Eligibility and Requirement:

  • Any country in the globe is eligible to apply.
  • Foreign applicants who do not speak English as their first language must submit documentation proving they are fluent in the language.
  • Potential enrollees in an undergraduate program
  • International candidates will be taken into consideration if their total high school grade point average falls between 3.50 and 4.00 on a 4.00 U.S. scale.
  • Every applicant needs to have completed high school outside of the United States.

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8. University of Detroit Mercy Scholarships

Up to $10,000 per year will be awarded for the University of Detroit Mercy Scholarships in the United States. Scholarships are renewed annually, but cannot be coupled with others.

Eligibility and Requirement:

  • Be a UDM student pursuing a degree.
  • hold a valid U.S. passport or residency status.
  • Adhere to the satisfactory academic progress standards for financial aid.
  • Utilize the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) to determine your eligibility for federal financial aid.

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9. University of Memphis Scholarships

International students may apply for the fully funded University of Memphis Scholarship. This award is accessible for both graduate and undergraduate studies.

The scholarship amounts vary and are intended to offset the gap between the local and international tuition rates for non-residents of Tennessee.

Eligibility and Requirement:

  • Admitted to the Univeristy of Memphis 
  • 25 ACT or 1200 SAT equivalent
  • 3.25 U.S.A. equivalent undergraduate degree GPA

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10. ACI Foundation Scholarship

ACI Foundation Scholarships are fully paid scholarships or fellowships for international students. This award is available for undergraduate, master’s, doctoral, and postdoctoral studies. This scholarship grants a $10,000 to $15,000 US educational stipend for tuition, housing, books, and supplies.

Eligibility and Requirement:

  • Be a full-time student enrolled in an accredited university or college.
  • Be pursuing a degree in a field related to concrete such as civil engineering, construction management, or materials science.
  • Demonstrate a strong academic record (minimum GPA varies by scholarship).
  • Be a student member of ACI (preferred for some scholarships).

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How to Get Fully Funded Scholarships in the USA as an International Student

In the USA, applying for a fully financed scholarship can be difficult and competitive. To improve your chances of success, meticulous planning, commitment, and hard effort are necessary.

We’ll go over some important actions you can do to get ready for the scholarship in the USA.

1. Research and Identify Potential Scholarships

The first stage towards obtaining a fully funded scholarship is to study and identify potential sponsors.

To determine if any scholarships are available, first ask your school’s financial aid office or career center.

In addition, you can utilise Internet search to find scholarships that correspond with your concerns of caste or specialization on pages such as Fastweb,, and College Board’s Big Future.

2. Understand Eligibility Requirements

The qualifying conditions for each scholarship vary, and applicants must fulfill them to be considered. Before applying, please take the time to read and comprehend these criteria thoroughly.

Numerous scholarships include requirements, such as financial need, leadership abilities, community service participation, and academic success.

Before spending time filling out the application, confirm that you meet all the requirements.

3. Build Strong Academic Credentials

It is often necessary to have an excellent academic record in order to receive a fully funded scholarship. Most companies want to invest in people who have a great educational history.

Moreover, whenever possible one should try to keep high grades through the entire period of secondary and university education.

In addition, consider taking more advanced classes or participating in extracurricular activities that show your passion and commitment to the subject you study.

4. Build a Strong Resume

A solid resume can have a big influence on your scholarship application. This is your chance to highlight the accomplishments, abilities, and experiences that make you stand out from the competition.

Make sure to emphasize any leadership roles, volunteer activities, internships, or pertinent courses that meet the scholarship requirements.

5. Work on Your Essay/Statement

Many scholarships require an essay or a personal statement from applicants. That’s your chance to reveal something about yourself and demonstrate that you deserve the scholarship.

Reflect on your strengths, goals, and aspirations in order to create an interesting original essay.

6. Secure Strong Letters of Recommendation

References from instructors, mentors, or employers can bolster your scholarship application by offering valuable perspectives into your personality, skills, and prospects for achievement.

Choose people who are familiar with you and who can attest to your character and academic accomplishments.


In conclusion, it takes a combination of hard work and dedication to obtain fully-funded scholarships in the USA.

To get better odds of being successful, you have to apply for a lot of scholarships and already do some preliminary research.

It also entails actively participating in extracurricular activities and maintaining a solid academic position which makes you exceptional from others.

You can achieve your dream of studying in the USA fully funded if you are persistent and determined enough.


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