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Top 10 Cheapest Universities In Japan

Top 10 Cheapest Universities In Japan


Japan is one of the world’s wealthiest and smartest countries. Ranking fifth in school test rankings and sixth in IQ rankings, Japanese schools generate some of the world’s brightest kids.

Fortunately for the rest of the globe, famous Japanese colleges have opened. Japan has 116 universities in the World University Rankings, so there are plenty of great places to study.

Although the country is infamous for its high cost of living, overseas students can easily compensate by attending low-priced universities. In this article, we will look at the cheapest universities in Japan 

Top 10 Cheapest Universities In Japan For International Students

1. Kyoto University

Kyoto University was founded in 1897 as an imperial establishment. In addition to being the second-oldest university in Japan, it is regarded as the second-best in the nation.


With an annual tuition price of about JP¥ 535,800, Kyoto University is among the least expensive universities in Japan for overseas students.

Nearly 23,000 students attend the institution, which has two campuses in Kyoto and one in Uji. Additionally, about 2,000 students (or 11% of the overall population) are from outside the country.

Tuition Fee: from JP¥ 535,800 yearly (undergraduate  –  JP¥ 535,800 yearly (graduate)

2. Tohoku University

Tohoku University, known for being Japan’s third Imperial University, was established in 1907. After the Universities of Tokyo and Kyoto, it is also rated as the third-best in Japan.

At the moment, Tohoku University has four campuses close to Sendai. The Seiryo branch houses the faculties of medicine and dentistry, while the South Kawauchi campus is home to the faculties of letters, law, education, and economics.

The Aobayama campus, however, is home to the Colleges of Science, Agriculture, Pharmacy, and Engineering.

There are almost 17,000 students enrolled at this affordable institution in Japan, with 12% of them being international students.

Tuition Fee: from JP¥ 535,800 yearly (undergraduate)  – JP¥ 535,800 yearly (graduate)

3. Nagoya University

Regarded as one of the greatest in the nation, Nagoya University (NU) was established in 1871 as the final Japanese imperial university. It is ranked as the 41st-best university in Asia in addition to fifth in the world rankings.

The study areas of medicine, law, engineering, science,  agriculture, economics, education, and information culture are all represented in NU’s undergraduate faculties.

Graduate-level courses are identical, with the addition of specialties in Environmental Studies, International Language Culture, International Development, Science, and Mathematics.

At the moment, NU is home to almost 15,500 students. In addition, a thriving community of international students makes up 11% of the total enrollment.

Tuition Fee: from JP¥ 535,800 yearly (undergraduate)  – from JP¥ 535,800/year (graduate)

4. Osaka University

Osaka University, one of the more reasonably priced universities in Japan, was established as the Kaitokudo in 1724 and is a recognized national institution. Prior to its 1947 renaming, the university was known as an imperial university in 1931.

Currently holding three campuses in Suita, Minoh, and Toyonaka, the institution is ranked seventh in Japan. The 11 undergraduate and 16 graduate faculties of the school are housed in these branches.

Among the many Japanese universities offering an undergraduate program in English is Osaka University.

This project was started in 2011 and has assisted in drawing in a large number of international students. As of right now, they make up 12% of the university’s significant student body of 22,000+.

Tuition Fee: JP¥ 535,800 yearly (undergraduate) –  JP¥ 535,800 yearly (graduate)

5. Kyushu University

Kyushu University is now ranked as Japan’s eighth-best university. Due in large part to this prestige, 13% of the university’s enrolment of more than 18,000 students are international.

International students can enroll in affordable undergraduate degrees in Interdisciplinary Science & Innovation, Education, Law, Sciences, Economics, Medicine, Pharmaceutical Science, Design, Engineering, and Agriculture at this affordable university in Japan.

Along with the aforementioned subjects, it also provides a small number of graduate degrees in the humanities, sociocultural studies, and environmental studies.

Tuition Fee: from JP¥ 535,800 yearly (undergraduate) –  JP¥ 535,800 yearly (graduate)

6. University of Tsukuba

The University of Tsukuba was formally founded in 1973 and was the precursor of the Tokyo University of Education. It has now grown to be among the best in Japan; according to the most recent World University rankings, it even came in at number 10.

Situated in Ibaraki, Japan, the institution focuses on science, mathematics, engineering, medicine, and technology. Programs in Social Science, Humanities, and Art & Design are also offered by the university.

With 20% of its 16,000+ enrolled students being international, the University of Tsukuba has one of the largest percentages of international students.

Tuition Fee: from JP¥ 535,800 yearly (undergraduate) –  JP¥ 535,800 yearly (graduate)

7. Kobe University

One of the most reasonably priced institutions in Japan for overseas students is Kobe University, also referred to as Shindai in Kansai. It is regarded as one of the biggest in the nation and was established in 1949. With over 15,000 students, approximately 8% of them are from abroad.

Graduate degrees in the humanities, system informatics, health sciences, and international cooperation studies are available at Kobe University.

Tuition Fee: from JP¥ 535,800 yearly (undergraduate) –  JP¥ 535,800/year (graduate)

8. Chiba University

With partnerships with more than 500 universities and institutes in about 50 countries, Chiba University actively collaborates with these institutions on scientific research and teaching.

Enhancing and developing the university’s academic and cultural status is achieved through the promotion of exchanges with educational research institutions across the globe.

Tuition Fee: from JP¥ 535,800 yearly (undergraduate) – JJP¥ 535,800/year (graduate)

9. Sophia University

Sophia University is a Tokyo, Japan-based private research university. One of the best universities in Japan that offers both Japanese and English courses is this affordable university, which was established by the Jesuits in 1913.

Due to this, a large number of foreign students—11 percent of the 13,511 students enrolled/have enrolled.

Tuition Fee: from JP¥ 535,800 yearly (undergraduate) –  JP¥ 535,800 yearly (graduate)

10. University of Yamanashi

The University of Yamanashi, sometimes known as Nashidai, was founded in 2002, making it a relatively new national university. Because of this, it only has a small student body of 5,000 or less, of which 4% are international nationals.

At such a young age, Nashidai is already considered one of Japan’s finest. This is made feasible by the university’s esteemed undergraduate programs in engineering, medicine, education, and life and environmental sciences.

Tuition Fee Range: from JP¥ 535,800 yearly (undergraduate) –  JP¥ 535,800 yearly (graduate)


Proof of a minimum of twelve years of basic education, such as a high school diploma, is required of undergraduate students. Also, applicants must be at least eighteen years old to be admitted.

In addition to these fundamental prerequisites, applicants must provide a copy of their valid passport and documentation of their fluency in either English or Japanese (JLPT) (such as the TOEFL or IELTS for programs taught in English).

We hope this article on the Top 10 cheapest universities in Japan for international students was helpful.


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