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Sweden Scholarships For International Students 2024

Sweden Scholarships For International Students 2024


As an international student, Sweden offers an appealing environment to pursue your studies. Its cities like Stockholm, Gothenburg, and Malmo provide welcoming communities that are exceptionally safe. 

These urban areas also deliver rich cultural opportunities. In your free time, you can explore Sweden’s stunning landscapes across forests, lakes, and archipelagos that enable an active, outdoor lifestyle.

Sweden offers world-class universities where innovation thrives. Many Swedish institutions do not charge tuition fees for EU/EEA students. For non-EU students, tuition rates remain affordable compared to many other developed countries. 

The cost of living is higher than average globally, but Sweden also provides abundant scholarship opportunities. These scholarships fully fund tuition, living expenses, travel, healthcare, and more for qualified students worldwide. 


Highly ranked Swedish universities, like Lund, KTH Royal Institute of Technology, and Uppsala, combine these financial aid options to make Sweden accessible for international learners.

Top 10 Fully Funded Scholarships in Sweden for International Students

Sweden offers fully funded scholarships to enable bright international students to pursue degrees at its universities. These programs cover all academic and living costs, including tuition, monthly stipends, travel, and insurance.

1. Swedish Institute Scholarships

The prestigious Swedish Institute scholarship provides support to global learners seeking Bachelor’s or Master’s study. This scholarship helps fund tuition, housing, insurance, travel, and additional expenses.

Eligibility and Requirement: 

  • You have to be a national of one of the nations where the SI scholarship is available. 
  • You are not required to be a resident of your country at the time of application. 
  • You must be eligible for the SI scholarship with the master’s programs you apply to. 
  • More than 750 master’s programs taught in English are eligible.

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2. University of Gothenburg Science Scholarships

The University of Gothenburg also invites international students to apply for Faculty of Science scholarships to run their Master’s program in Biology, Chemistry, Physics, Earth Sciences, or related programs. This offer comes with full tuition funding and a monthly living stipend.

Eligibility and Requirement: 

  • Candidates must have successfully completed a Master’s program in Political Science with high standing.
  • Candidates need to be aware that academic merit will determine the winner of the scholarships, which are competitive.
  • Candidates who have obtained substantially comparable expertise in Sweden or outside will also be taken into consideration for admission to the program.

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3. Lund University Scholarships

Lund University distributes about 130 LUSCH scholarships annually for deserving international learners who require financial support. 

These fully funded packages help to make a Lund Master’s program achievable as it provides cover for tuition fees, living expenses, travel costs, medical insurance, and other essentials.

Eligibility and Requirement: 

  • You must be forced to pay tuition and be a citizen of a nation outside of the EU/EEA (as well as Switzerland). 
  • The scholarship selection procedure is carried out concurrently with the course/program selection procedure. 

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4. University of Gothenburg GU Scholarships

The University of Gothenburg also provides GU scholarships to talented international Master’s applicants. These full funding awards handle tuition requirements, student housing, health insurance, and living expenditures for the program’s duration.

Eligibility and Requirement: 

  • You are required to have submitted an application via for a Master’s Program by January 15, 2024, in order to be eligible for the scholarships. 
  • Scholarship applications are only open to those who have the University of Gothenburg as their top preference.

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5. Stockholm University Scholarships

Stockholm University scholarships provide international Master’s and PhD applicants with full funding. Their scholarship bundle comprises tuition fees, travel costs, health insurance protection, and a monthly stipend contribution toward living expenses.

Eligibility and Requirement: 

  • An applicant needs to be a citizen of a nation outside of the EU, EEA, or Switzerland and be obligated to pay tuition fees in order to be eligible for the scholarship. 
  • You must also be accepted into Stockholm University’s Master’s program during the initial round of international admissions.

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6. KTH Royal Institute of Technology Scholarships

The KTH Royal Institute of Technology identifies standout international students for its Excellence Scholarships program. This opportunity equips qualified Master’s candidates who meet admission criteria with complete funding for tuition, living costs, travel, insurance, and additional academic expenses.

Eligibility and Requirement: 

  • The applicant needs to have applied for a master’s program and be a fee-paying student.
  • The EIT Digital, EIT InnoEnergy, EIT Urban Mobility, or Erasmus Mundus programs should not be enrolled in by applicants.
  • The candidates must have a strong desire to support sustainable development.
  • Candidates for KTH should have exceptional academic records.

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7. Chalmers IPOET Scholarships

Chalmers University of Technology arranged its IPOET scholarships to empower qualified international students who are in financial need. These fully funded scholarships covers tuition, living expenditures, and more for deserving graduate applicants seeking specialization in intellectual property, entrepreneurship, and innovation.

Eligibility and Requirement: 

  • You have to: be applicants for a first-year master’s program. 
  • be a citizen of a non-EU/EEA nation obligated to pay tuition for higher education in Sweden.

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8. Volvo Construction Equipment Scholarships

The construction equipment leader Volvo annually awards five fully-funded university scholarships for international students and the scholarship is focused on related academic disciplines. These packages cover tuition requirements and living costs throughout the study.

Eligibility and Requirement: 

  • You are required to enroll in or have sought to be admitted to Chalmers University of Technology’s master’s program in engineering in Sweden.
  • Automotive Engineering, Computer Systems & Networks, Electric Power Engineering, or Software Engineering are the four master’s programs they have selected.
  • Your academic performance is exceptional, and they exhibit a strong drive and potential to succeed at Chalmers University of Technology.
  • You have demonstrated a keen interest in the principles, goals, and merchandise of the Volvo Group.
  • You must consent to follow the guidelines established by the scholarship program.

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9. STINT Research Scholarships

The STINT program sponsors collaborations between international PhD and postdoctoral students with researchers at Swedish universities through a fully paid scholarship. This grant includes travel costs, a living stipend, and other necessary support.

Eligibility and Requirement: 

  • having effectively completed their education in upper secondary, or high school (post-16).
  • possess the ability to communicate in English. The Swedish upper secondary course English 6 is the prerequisite for admission to bachelor’s level studies in Sweden. Reference the English Language Requirements.

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10. Swedish Institute Study Scholarships

The Swedish Institute Study Scholarship program gives over 50 candidates fully funded scholarships to do their Master’s program. 

This scholarship is given yearly to qualified students from developing nations seeking to study in Sweden. These scholarships cover all tuition, living costs, medical insurance, and other essential expenses.

Eligibility and Requirement: 

  • You have to be a national of one of the nations where the SI scholarship is available. 
  • You are not required to be a resident of the nation at the time of application, though. 
  • Your applied master’s programs must be qualified for the SI scholarship. 
  • Master’s programs taught in more than 750 languages are eligible..

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Qualifying for Fully Funded Swedish Scholarships

To have the best chance at full funding, international students should demonstrate:

1. Academic Excellence

To stand out, interested students should demonstrate proven talents through their transcripts showing high grades, exceptional test scores like GRE/GMAT, published research, and strong recommendation letters from professors. High GPAs and standardized test results are very important in making students stand out.

2. Enrollment Status

Most of the fully funded scholarships are for graduate studies, but some undergraduate scholarships exist. Students who are interested in these scholarships are required to enroll in full-time programs to gain full qualifications.

3. Language Skills

Though many programs are taught in English, having ample knowledge of Swedish can increase opportunities. Proving English fluency through TOEFL/IELTS is also essential.

4. Financial Need

You have to highlight the financial need if requiring assistance for the costs of studying in Sweden. You can strategically showcase either your financial needs or your academic strengths as relevant. Gaining eligibility for fully funded Swedish scholarships is competitive. 

But with excellence across academics, language abilities, enrollment status, and highlighting financial need or merit as appropriate, international students can become top applicants for Sweden’s generous fully funded scholarship opportunities.

How to Get Fully Funded Scholarships in Sweden for International Students

Finding and applying for the right fully-funded scholarships increases one’s chances of success. Some of the strategic moves include:

  • Search early (12 months in advance) using university and external scholarship databases. This will help you prepare and arrange every requirement.
  • Focus on discipline or demographic-specific awards
  • Secure letters of recommendation that reflect character and goals. This can give you an edge in the competitive application for fully funded scholarships.
  • You have to know how to write compelling essays that convey passion and aptitude.
  • Apply to five or more scholarship programs that align with your background.


Sweden offers a world-class education and also fully funded scholarship opportunities making it an excellent choice for international students. 

With academic talents, research experience, strong recommendations, proven English fluency, and full-time graduate enrollment, students can become candidates for prestigious programs covering all costs. 

Top options like Swedish Institute Scholarships or Lund University Grants provide full tuition, living stipends, healthcare, travel, and more. 

While the scholarships are competitive, Sweden’s numerous fully funded scholarships enable qualified students globally to access its top-ranked universities and innovative economy without financial burdens.


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