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Top Universities in USA Without Application Fee: 

Top Universities in USA Without Application Fee: 


A lot of students are unaware of just how important good budgeting is to pursuing higher education in the United States. Getting a top-notch education always comes with a cost. But does that imply you give up on your goals of attending college in the United States?

Not at all. Allow us to make the process easier for you.

The cost of applying to US institutions might vary from $40 to $150 (INR 3,300 – 12,500) depending on the university and the program.

If you apply to ten or twelve universities, you might easily spend $1000 to $1500 (INR 83,200 – 1,24,800) on applications alone.


However, did you know that a lot of colleges waive 100% of the costs, and others don’t even demand payment? So, how do you find and compile a list of these universities?

Top 5 Universities In USA Without Application Fee

We will introduce you to some top Universities in USA without application fees, and other costs involved in the application process.

1. Harvard University

The first name on the list is Harvard University, an Ivy League school that many kids hope to attend! The famous alumni’s alma mater, include YouTube CEO Susan Wojcicki, Mark Zuckerberg, Bill Gates, and others.

Harvard University World Rankings 2024 is ranked #4 as well. Harvard University is excellent for many reasons, but one of the main ones is that it provides the opportunity to apply for a fee waiver!

Harvard Business School offers students from disadvantaged financial backgrounds a waiver of application fees.

You will have to fill out a waiver form that requests information about your finances and the reasons for your request for an HBS need-based price waiver.

Include all relevant information on the form, such as your income, assets, debt from student loans, obligations to your family, and/or any other circumstances that would warrant a fee waiver.

Harvard College offers a benefit to its undergraduate applicants: a complete waiver of the application fee.

2. Yale University

The second Ivy League school on our list and a top 20 global university is none other than the notorious Yale University.

A sliding scale of fee waivers is available from Yale University’s Yale School of Management. It suggests that the cost of applying to Yale would depend on your current income or that of your family.

The School charges a regular application fee of $250 (INR 20,798). For applicants earning $30,000 (INR 24,95,869) or less per year, the application price is $175 (INR 14,559). For candidates earning less than $15,000 (INR 12,47,934) per year, it is $125 (INR 10,399).

Fee waivers for the Yale School of Arts and Sciences may be given for the following reasons:

  • ·         Documented financial hardship
  • ·         Participation in a special program, event, fellowship, or status

Also, undergraduate students can take advantage of a $80 full application waiver. This benefit is continued as long as it doesn’t significantly increase your family’s financial burden.

3. Carnegie Mellon University (CMU)

One of the top 100 colleges in the world, Carnegie Mellon University, likewise waives application fees for international students. To apply to the School of Computer Science, you must:

  • ·Obtain a financial aid letter that provides a summary of your financial requirements along with any supporting documentation for your application.
  • ·After receiving your application, CMU will confirm your need and waive the application fees for a maximum of two programs.

The Software and Societal Systems Department offers need-based payment waivers for the Master of Software Engineering Program.

Once the university department verifies the need, you will receive a voucher code for your application or a full waiver. This could take three to five business days to complete. Have patience while it takes time.

4. Northeastern University (NEU)

Northeastern University, Boston waives the $75 (INR 6,239) application fee for undergraduate students based on need.

Like many other colleges, NEU considers petitions for fee waivers based on necessity. NEU offers a great opportunity for low-income applicants to apply without having to pay the entire price.

To promote more applicants for graduate programs, the institution frequently offers waivers on specific days.

5. Colorado State University

Candidates who can show their participation in or affiliation with specific partnerships and/or programs are eligible for fee waivers from Colorado State University’s Graduate School.

This may apply to organisations like the International Research and Exchanges Board, the American Indian Science and Engineering Society, and others.

Furthermore, using a cost waiver to submit your application does not affect it. It doesn’t speed up or slow down your journey.

Your chances are strongly tied to the quality of your profile; the more impressive your profile is, the more likely it is that you will be accepted.

Other Costs Involved in the Application Process

As much as you and I would like to believe that the application price covers all of the additional fees associated with applying to US universities, this is not the case.  Check the additional costs associated with the application procedure for overseas students.

When estimating the cost of studying in the United States, pre-arrival fees must be included because they must be paid for out of pocket and are not covered by financial aid.

These expenses are incurred even before you are admitted to any university in the United States and may be associated with visa procedures, entrance examinations, health insurance, travel, and so on.

Final Words

Applying to Universities in the USA without application fees is a wise decision to make in your study abroad adventure.

If you’re on a tight budget, it can save you money while also providing you with more opportunities to explore and discover.

As a study abroad applicant, it is critical to clarify that the universities you have shortlisted do not charge an application fee, as many colleges have different norms and regulations.


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