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How Much is Canada Visa Fee in Nigeria 2024

How Much is Canada Visa Fee in Nigeria 2024


How much is the Canada Visa fee now is one of the questions which every applicant in Nigeria would like to know. Thankfully, this article is aimed to discuss it and add their fees, eligibility requirements, plus other relevant information.

However, Canada is one of the acknowledged and dream countries for Nigerians. This is because of its diverse  economy, standard education system, job opportunities and home friendly environment. Even till tomorrow,  the trip to Canada by Nigerian citizens can never end. So,on that note , it is essential that you know the cost of the Canada visa  in Naira.

Canada visa fees are of different types. The type of visa you purchase depends on your purpose of traveling to Canada. You must put into mind the nature of your visit before applying for a Canada visa.

So you are planning to visit Canada and are wondering how much the visa fee is in Nigeria now? This article we expose every necessary thing you need to know. Just continue going to the article.


Before further clarity let’s look at what a Canada visa is all about.

What Is A Canada Visa?

A Canada Visa is a document or an official stamp on your passport issued by the Canadian government that permits you to enter and stay in Canada for a specific purpose.  You can decide to tour, study, work, or establish a business in Canada. This day in Canada could be permanent or temporary.

The type of  Canada visa required depends on the reason for travel and the length of stay. The type of visa includes  student visa, work visa, tourist visa, and many others which are designed for different purposes.

To be eligible to obtain a Canada visa you must meet up to necessary requirements and provide the necessary documents. Most purchase the application form, fill it out with the valid personal details and also provide supporting documents, plus attending interviews. This will simplify the application process.

What Are Canada Visa Requirements?

Applying for a Canada visa is made simple after you must have provided the necessary requirements. Below are the ten (10) general requirements for Canada visa:

1. Valid Passport

2. A completed Canada visa application form

3. Passport size photographs

4. Evidence of financial support

5. Travel Schedule

6. Proof of ties to your home country

7. Evidence of language proficiency

8. Medical Exam

9. Biometric information

10. Visa Processing Fee

Valid Passport

You will need a valid passport with a minimum of six months’ validity from your planned date of entry into Canada.

Completed Visa Application Form

You will need to fill out and submit the appropriate visa application form. Make sure to provide accurate and up-to-date information.

Passport-size Photographs 

You will need to submit recent passport-sized photos as per the specifications provided by the Canadian government.

Evidence  of Financial Support

You will need to provide evidence that you have sufficient funds to cover your expenses during your stay in Canada.

Travel Schedule

You may be asked to submit a detailed travel itinerary, including information about your planned accommodations, transportation, and activities in Canada.

Proof of ties to Nigeria

You will need to demonstrate that you have strong ties to your home country and that you have reasons to return after your visit to Canada.

Evidence  of language proficiency

Every Canada visa applicant must provide evidence of his proficiency in English or French language.

Medical Examination

Before you are permitted to apply for a Canada visa, you may be asked to present your medical examination and tuberculosis (TB) test. This result shows how healthy you are to embark on your journey to Canada..

Police Criminal Records

Log it applicants will be granted access to Canada. Sequel to that you must present your police criminal record which demonstrates your innocency in crime.

Biometric Information 

Another eligible requirement for a Canada visa is your biometric information. This information includes your fingerprints and photograph which are included in the application or process.

Visa Processing Fee

You must pay a certain amount before you can get your Canada visa. The amount depends on the type of visa you want.

How to Pay the Canada Visa Fee in Nigeria

Once you have determined the visa fee for your specific type of visa, you can pay the fee through various methods. The Canadian government accepts payment through online platforms, such as credit cards or debit cards, as well as through bank transfers.

It is important to note that the visa fee is non-refundable, even if your visa application is rejected. Therefore, it is crucial to ensure that you meet all the requirements and provide accurate and complete information in your application to maximize your chances of approval.

How Much is Canada Visa Fee in Nigeria 2024

Generally the cost of Canada visa fee in Nigeria is 100 Canadian Dollars. But student permits , work permits,  and other kinds of visas have different costs. 

Check out Below:

  1. Canada visitor visa — Cad 100
  2. Canada student visa — Cad 150
  3. Canada temporary visit — Cad 200
  4. Canada work permit — Cad 255
  5. Canada student visa with biometric — Cad 235
  6. Canada business immigrant visa processing fee — Cad 1625

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Q1. What is the current Canada visa fee in Nigeria?

A: For the year 2024, the current visa fee for most categories is CAD $100 (Canadian dollars), which is equivalent to approximately NGN 91,450.00 (Nigerian naira). 

Q2. Are there any additional fees or charges?

A: While the basic visa fee is CAD $100, there may be additional fees and charges depending on the specific circumstances of your application. For example, if you are required to provide biometrics, there is an additional fee of CAD $85.

Q3. How can I pay the Canada visa fee in Nigeria?

A: You can pay the fee in cash at a designated bank or through a bank transfer. 

Q4. Can I get a refund if my visa application is rejected?

A: Unfortunately, the Canada visa fee is non-refundable, even if your visa application is rejected. 

Final Thoughts

In conclusion, the Canada visa fee in Nigeria is CAD 100, generally. Other amount depends on the type of visa you are applying for. 

It is important to carefully review the visa requirements and ensure that you provide all the necessary documents and information to avoid delays or rejections.


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