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How To Know When Your Canada Visa Has Been Approved

How To Know When Your Canada Visa Has Been Approved


Are you planning a trip to Canada? Do you want to know when your Canada visa has been approved?  If yes; congratulations, you are on the right page.

How will I know if my Canadian visa is approved? , ensure you regularly check the application status through the official website of the Government of Canada. Typically, you will receive a notification or letter with the decision on your visa application. 

Moreover, Canada is one of the best countries with lights, dreams, studies, hard work, and luxury living. Here is an article that provides an answer to this confusing question, “how to know when your Canada visa has been approved.” If this article interests you, stay glued to it.

What are the Reasons for the Application Return?


It can be frustrating for applicants, but understanding the reasons behind these returns can help improve future submissions. 

Below are the reasons for the application return:

1. Incomplete/incorrect Information

2. Missing Fees

3. Inadequate relevant skills or experience

4. Lack of Tailoring to the Job Description

5. Failure to follow the Application Process

Incomplete/Incorrect Information

Feeling your application form with incorrect or incomplete information often gets your application returned for clarification. It is essential to read through the application thoroughly before submitting it and double-check that all the required fields are filled out accurately. Providing incomplete or incorrect information not only hinders the evaluation process but also reflects poorly on your attention to detail.

Missing Fees

Every application requires a fee. The applicant might not have paid the fees listed on the application which might warrant application return. All individuals need to adhere to this aspect. The application that is obtained after the program has been halted or stopped. It is also possible that, at the time you are attempting to apply, the program has closed or been suspended.

Inadequate Relevant Experience or Skills

One of the primary reasons for application return is the lack of relevant experience or skills. When applying for a position, it is crucial to showcase your expertise in a specific field or industry. Your application should highlight your relevant experience, qualifications, and any certifications you may have. Without this, your application may be returned as it does not meet the requirements of the job.

Lack of Tailoring to the Job Description

When applying for a job, it is important to tailor your application to the specific job description. Hiring managers are looking for candidates who can demonstrate how their skills and experience align with the requirements of the position. Failure to do so may result in your application being returned, as it shows a lack of understanding or effort on your part.

Failure to Follow Application Instructions

The Canadian government provides specific instructions for the application for a visa,  such as submitting documents in a particular format or including specific information. Failure to follow these instructions may result in your application being returned. Pay close attention to the application guidelines and make sure to adhere to them precisely.

How To Know When Your Canada Visa Has Been Approved

For Online Applicants

You can check the status of your online application for a visa at the same website where you submit your application. Ensure you verify if the login information for your profile is valid. Proceed to the official website and create an account. You are now able to view the status. Once your visa is approved, you will also get an email confirming the approval.

Physical Applicants (Application Centre)

The Visa Application Centre provides a range of tracking services that notify applicants of the approval or rejection of their visa. In addition, the services offer notifications regularly regarding the different procedures that need to be completed.

Post/Courier Applicants

You will require it till your passport is returned if you applied for your visa through the mail. You can check inside after you have your passport back. There will be an authorized stamp visible. This indicates that your visa has been granted, allowing you to relocate to Canada. 

There will be another letter explaining the reason your visa was rejected if you don’t see any stamps. Not many people these days attempt to apply for a visa via mail. However, you can verify and follow your process in after services as well.

What are the Types of Canada Visa Statuses?

During the application process for a Canada visa, there are several statistics you must encounter. Below are the five (5) common types of application statuses.

1. Received 

2. In process

3. Approved

4. Issued 

5. Refused/Rejected


This indicates that the Canadian government has received and is processing your application. The visa office should now be sending you an acknowledgment of receipt.

In Process

This status indicates that a visa officer is considering and evaluating your application. It’s crucial to remember that this phase may take many weeks or even months, based on the kind of visa you’re requesting and the volume of work the visa office is dealing with.


The visa office will provide you with a letter of introduction if your application is accepted. The specifics of your visa, such as the length of stay and any applicable restrictions, will be outlined in this letter.


To get your visa issued, you must bring your passport to the visa office along with your letter of referral. This implies that you will be able to enter Canada after the visa officer stamps your passport with the necessary visa.


Regretfully, not every application for a visa is granted. You will receive a letter outlining the reasons for the rejection of your application along with your options for an appeal or reapplication if it is denied.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q1: Will I receive a notification if my Canada visa has been approved?

A: Yes, if your Canada visa application has been approved, you will receive a email notification that your Canada visa is approved.

Q2: Can I track the status of my Canada visa application online?

A: Yes, it is possible to track the status of your Canada visa application online. The Canadian government provides an online portal called the Electronic Travel Authorization (ETA) system, which allows applicants to check the progress of their visa application. 

Q3: How can I Determine if Your Canada Visa Has Been Approved

1. Check your email

2. Receive a letter

3. Contact the Canadian Embassy


Knowing when your Canada visa has been approved can be an exciting and joyous moment. By understanding the average processing times, the different methods of notification, and how to track the status of your application, you can stay informed throughout the process. Remember to regularly check your email, mailbox, or online tracking system for updates.


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