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Switzerland Scholarship For International Students

Switzerland Scholarship For International Students


Switzerland Scholarship For International Students; Are you looking for the best 2024 Switzerland Scholarships for international students? Application for fully funded scholarships in Switzerland is currently ongoing. 

These scholarships are available for undergraduate, graduate, and postgraduate degrees, among other levels of study.

Immerse yourself in Switzerland’s renowned educational institutions to get an excellent education. 

These scholarships allow you to focus on your studies and make the most of your time studying in Switzerland by providing financial aid.


Take advantage of the opportunity to follow your ambitions in one of the most popular study destinations in Europe.

Top 10 Fully Funded Scholarships in Switzerland for International Students

The Top 10 Scholarships for Switzerland in 2024 provide access to wonderful educational options in this amazing country.

In addition to offering financial support, these top 10 scholarships allow recipients to network with academics and professionals around the world.

Apply for these Switzerland Scholarships to start your journey toward academic success.

1. Swiss Government Excellence Scholarships

The Swiss Confederation annually provides the Swiss Government Excellence Scholarships in an effort to foster global collaboration in research.

Under this fully funded scholarship program, university education in Switzerland is free for citizens of countries with diplomatic ties to the country.

This esteemed fellowship, which offers complete financial support throughout a student’s academic experience in Switzerland, is open to applications from overseas students.

Seize this wonderful chance to continue your studies in one of the most prestigious educational systems in the world.

Eligibility and Requirement: 

  • You need a Master’s degree or comparable coursework completed by July 31, 2024 (June 30, 2024, for ETH Zurich, however). 
  • Finished the degree certificate. 
  • Candidates must have been born after December 31, 1988. 
  • You also need a study proposal with a schedule.

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2. University of Lausanne Master’s Grants

International students seeking a master’s degree have a great opportunity with the University of Lausanne Master’s Grants.

These awards provide money for living expenses and tuition, as well as a monthly stipend.

Top talent from all over the world is drawn to study in Switzerland by the University of Lausanne Master’s Grants because of its emphasis on high-quality instruction and global collaboration.

Eligibility and Requirement: 

  • Students who have graduated from international universities and have shown a remarkable level of academic success are eligible for these grants. 
  • Applications must be submitted by November 1st, 2023.

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3. ETH Zurich Excellence Scholarships For International Students

A fantastic chance for non-EU students hoping to enroll in ETH Zurich’s esteemed master’s program is the Excellence Scholarship.

Throughout the master’s program, this grant pays for all living expenses in addition to tuition. Prospective students who want to attend a highly regarded university shouldn’t pass up this excellent chance.

Take advantage of this opportunity to attend ETH Zurich and obtain financial aid as well as a top-notch education. Don’t pass up this chance to achieve your career and academic objectives.

Eligibility and Requirement: 

  • 1. Excellent performance in the bachelor’s degree program (grade A for the top 10% of the program)
  • 2. As part of the selection process, you may be contacted for a phone interview or video conference in February. Please make sure you can be reached at the number provided in your resume.

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4. University of St. Gallen Scholarships for International Students

If you love the University of St. Gallen and you wish to apply as an international student, maybe for bachelor’s, master’s, or doctoral degrees there is something I need you to understand. 

The school offers scholarships to international students, which means that your tuition is going to be handled and other expenses. It could be subsidised due to the scholarship scheme or everything handled in full.

These scholarships are meant to attract outstanding individuals from around the globe and support them in their academic pursuits in a variety of topic areas.

By offering these scholarships, the University of St. Gallen encourages diversity and cross-border collaboration among its student body.

Eligibility and Requirement: 

  • Only new overseas students who have demonstrated exceptional academic success and Students that were invited to submit a scholarship application is considered eligible to apply.
  • Acceptable aged is 28 or below 
  • GPA of at least 5.3 is needed.

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5. University of Geneva Excellence Fellowship Program

The University of Geneva promotes outstanding education and cross-cultural engagement among students from diverse origins by offering these scholarships.

For students from outside the EU/EEA, the annual average tuition fee is 900 CHF, ranging from 900 CHF to 900 CHF. So imagine your tuition fees being handled by the school either in full or in a subsidiary via the scholarship scheme.

To be considered for an Excellence Fellowship, you must be chosen based only on your application file and meet the requirements of the Master of your choice.

Eligibility and Requirement: 

  • Students who want to apply must have extremely strong academic achievement (ranking in the top 10% of their bachelor’s program) and who have either finished or plan to finish their bachelor’s degree in the next six months.

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6. University of Basel Scholarships for International Students

For those coming from other countries to study in Switzerland as an international student, the school has made some financial assistance for you in the form of a scholarship to aid your studies. 

By covering their living costs and tuition, these grants enable students to focus on their academic pursuits.

These scholarships are an excellent opportunity for deserving students because of the University of Basel’s commitment to international research and education.

Eligibility and Requirement: 

  • All you have to do is be a prospective international student at the University of Basel pursuing a bachelor’s or master’s degree.

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7. IMD MBA Scholarships for International Students

Do you need an IMD MBA scholarship? Being an international student comes with a lot of benefits attached and one of the outstanding ones is the scholarship opportunities available for students coming from outside the country to study. 

These merit-based grants provide significant funding support for educational expenses. Through the IMD MBA Scholarship, international students can gain access to excellent business education and networking opportunities, equipping them for successful careers in the global business environment.

Eligibility and Requirement: 

  • No application is required; 
  • however, awardees usually have great interpersonal skills, 
  • You need to have a high GMAT/GRE score, and a clear demonstration of attributes including career advancement, global perspective, open mind, and strong interpersonal skills throughout the application and evaluation day.

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8. Ecole Polytechnique Federale Lausanne Excellence Fellowships

The Excellence Fellowships at Ecole Polytechnique Federale Lausanne (EPFL) are intended for outstanding foreign candidates enrolled in the school programs.

These scholarships, which offer both extra advantages and financial support, promote academic success and collaborative research.

The intense competition for these fellowships among students aspiring to excel in science, engineering, and technology stems from EPFL’s commitment to quality and innovation.

Eligibility and Requirement: 

  • Candidates have to be foreign students. 
  • When they begin the internship, candidates must have at least finished their second year of an undergraduate bachelor’s degree.

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9. Alfred Werner Masters Scholarships

The Alfred Werner Masters Scholarships offer financial aid to foreign students pursuing master’s degrees in chemistry-related fields.

These scholarships, awarded by Swiss universities, provide recognition and financial assistance to deserving students.

Eligibility and Requirement: 

  • International students who place in the top 10% of their bachelor of science (BSc) degrees are eligible to apply. 
  • Candidates must exhibit a high capacity for leadership as well as academics.

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10. UBS Center Scholarships

For overseas students interested in obtaining a doctorate in economics at Swiss universities, the UBS Center Scholarships provide outstanding opportunities.

These scholarships promote academic progress and collaboration by providing financial support and research opportunities.

A UBS Center Scholarship increases a student’s prospects for employment, enables them to carry out innovative research that progresses the discipline of economics, and links them with a network of leading economists.

Eligibility and Requirement: 

  • You must demonstrate exceptional academic merit, and your ability to get continuous support will depend on how well you complete the assigned coursework.

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You can see the fully funded scholarships in Switzerland and the schools you can apply to. Take your time to decide on which scholarship you want to apply for and do well to apply early.


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