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Belgium Scholarships For International Students 2024-2025

Belgium Scholarships For International Students 2024-2025


Belgium Scholarships For International Students; Belgium is well-known for its music festivals, historic sites, and mediaeval villages. Above all, though, is the strength of our nation’s economy. Studying in Belgium will provide you with an excellent education that will pave the way for many opportunities in your chosen field of work.

They provide excellent and reasonably priced bachelor’s, master’s, and doctoral degree programmes. International students enrolled in Belgian programmes express satisfaction with their experience.

Also, there are support networks in Belgium for International students. Support is offered by universities and colleges, including monetary aid in the form of scholarships. 

universities provide these scholarships to international students because they value their efforts in studying here.


Top 10 Scholarships in Belgium for International Students

Take a look at these amazing scholarship possibilities in Belgium if you’re interested in studying abroad and need financial support:

1. University of Antwerp – Erasmus Mundus scholarships

The Erasmus Mundus scholarship, one of the greatest scholarships in Belgium for international students, is one of the University of Antwerp’s offerings.

This Scholarship intends to enable mobility to international students enrolled in European colleges. They collaborate with the University of Antwerp to provide financial assistance to these students.

·         Scholarship Amount: monthly stipend of €1,000 – €2,500

·         Eligible Degree: Bachelors, Masters, Post Doctoral, and Ph.D. degrees

Eligibility and Requirement: 

  • Students must have a first degree from an internationally renowned institution or college that is equal to 180 credits or 180 ECTS.
  • Students must possess a bachelor’s degree from their home nations.
  • If they can finish their undergraduate studies before the master’s program begins, students in their first year of a higher degree program may apply for this course.

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2. Ghent University Top-up Grants

The institution offers Top-up Grants to new international students enrolled in Master’s programmes taught in English. Please make sure your nation is on the list of nations recognized by the OECD Development Assistance Committee (OESO-DAC).

Each school year, they often award ten or more scholarships. The department in charge of your selected programme will select the top three candidates for the scholarship.

Recipients will be chosen by the scholarship committee, and those who are awarded shall complete their thesis at the university.

  • ·         Eligible Degree: Master’s degree
  • ·         Scholarship Amount: A €1000 monthly stipend including health and liability insurance, among other things.

Eligibility and Requirement: 

  • Please review the average personal living expenses prior to applying.
  • Students that are chosen must complete their thesis at the University of Gent.
  • The Top-up award is valid for two master years, however the recipient must demonstrate that they completed at least 50 credits in the first master year.

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3. UHasselt – Master Mind Scholarships

International applicants must have a Grade Point Average (GPA) of 3.5 out of 4.0 and a strong English language proficiency score on examinations to be considered for this scholarship in Belgium. Overall, candidates ought to have outstanding academic records.

Please complete the application and attach the necessary documents to begin the application process. Please provide two recommendation letters from past instructors with your application and your academic and language records.

Hasselt University will screen the candidates. Please be aware that only 20 applicants will be chosen to receive the award. The Flemish Government will select the qualified applicants following screening.

  • ·         Eligible Degree: Master’s degree
  • ·         Scholarship Amount: € 8,000

Eligibility and Requirement: 

  • The Grade Point Average (GPA) required for satisfactory performance must be 3.5 out of 4.0.
  • An IELTS test minimum band score of 7.0 overall to proof of your adequate English language skills 
  • A TOEFL minimum overall score of 94 is needed
  • In order to be eligible for the scholarship, the student must apply to and be approved by a host institution in Belgium.

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4. Science@Leuven Scholarships

This university is one of the top research universities in the globe and in Belgium. It is well-known among academic institutions. International students doing a master’s programme in science are eligible for scholarships from the KU Leuven Faculty of Science.

All new international graduate students are eligible for the award. You must have a bachelor’s degree from a foreign university, outstanding academic standing from prior coursework, and a solid command of the English language to be eligible for this scholarship.

  • ·         Eligible Degree: Master’s Degree
  • ·         Scholarship Amount: health insurance, tuition fee reimbursement, and a monthly stipend (amount may vary).

Eligibility and Requirement: 

  • The applicants must not have previously attended or worked at the University of Leuven in order to be eligible for the scholarship. 
  • In order to apply for a master’s program, candidates must hold a bachelor’s degree from an international university. 
  • The candidates do not currently hold a Ph.D. or master’s degree.

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5. South Partnership – Ph.D. Scholarship

If you wish to apply for this scholarship, you must meet the university’s standards. One of the requirements is that you be a student from a poor country (a list of countries is available on the website) and among one of UCLouvain’s Ph.D. programmes.

The university will evaluate and review applications, including your curriculum vitae and research proposal.

Applicants will be sent via the university’s email, and the necessary forms are available on the internet.

  • ·         Eligible Degree: Ph.D. degrees
  • ·         Scholarship Amount: A monthly allowance for living expenses and airline expenses

Eligibility and Requirement: 

  • An academic excellence as demonstrated by the calibre of degrees obtained, complete academic transcripts, and additional professional certifications obtained will be needed.
  • The candidate (PhD applicants only) must cite pertinent publications before gaining access to the South Partnership – Ph.D. Scholarship.
  • Participation in associations for professionals.
  • Have the study’s or research plan’s feasibility.

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6. Global Minds Doctoral Scholarships Programme

As part of its commitment to global growth, KU Leuven, the largest university in Belgium, selects exceptional scholars from various universities as scholarship applicants to pursue PhDs each academic year.

The main objective of this scholarship is to provide developing country students with access to high-quality education and a range of chances to advance their knowledge and abilities.

Also, the goal of this fellowship is to support foreign refugees in their pursuit of a formal education at some of the top universities in the nation.

  • ·         Eligible Degree: Ph.D. degree
  • ·         Scholarship Amount: 50% of the complete fees

Eligibility and Requirement: 

  • Applicants must be citizens of one of the countries in the list. 
  • The candidate’s latest master’s degree must have been awarded no more than ten years

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7. The Vrije Universiteit Brussel Flanders Scholarships

Known for having some of the top leadership programmes in the country, the Vrije Universiteit Brussels is situated in the centre of Europe.

Scholarships for master’s programmes in Flanders and Brussels are awarded by the Flemish Ministry of Education and Training to exceptional overseas students.

Students must first enroll full-time in the host institution in order to be eligible for this Belgium scholarship.

  • ·         Eligible Degree: Master’s degree
  • ·         Scholarship Amount: Up to €115,800 for tuition

Eligibility and Requirement: 

  • Student applying must have passed the TOEFL exam
  • Providing an authentic IELTS test report, and
  • Earning a First Certificate in English from Cambridge-ESOL.

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8. Université of Liège Department of Study Allowances Scholarship

Upon request, students can request a budget for an allowance throughout their studies at Université de Liège, as well as a discount on registration fees for the current academic year.

The Department of study rewards the top students who require financial assistance with loans and allowances, and the tuition reduction is determine by the student’s financial status and application process.

All international students who wish to participate in the study programmes offered by the Université de Liège are encouraged to do so, and this grant is accessible for both undergraduate and graduate courses.

The only restriction imposed by this university is that recipients of this scholarship cannot get any other financial aid through scholarships.

  • ·         Eligible Degree: Bachelors, Masters, and Ph.D
  • ·         Scholarship Amount: Reduced tuition and living expenses

Eligibility and Requirement: 

  • Nationals of developing or emerging nations can enroll. 
  • Applicants must possess a master’s degree earned within the last three years from a foreign partner university situated outside of the European Union. 
  • Candidates cannot have previously attended ULg on a regular basis (apart from exchange or Erasmus programs). 
  • Applications that are supported by a ULg professor’s recommendation letter will be given preference. 
  • Priority will be given to applicants for an Erasmus Mundus Master’s program run by ULg if they were not awarded an Erasmus Mundus scholarship.

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9. Université Libre de Bruxelles Erasmus Mundus Joint Master’s Degree Scholarship

One of the most prominent universities in Belgium is the Université Libre de Bruxelles, which provides a number of chances for students to enroll in some of its most well-known courses.

A global partnership of colleges and institutions across Belgium offers the prestigious, all-encompassing Erasmus Mundus Joint Master’s Degree as an international study programme.

This Belgium scholarship is available for a combined master’s degree, which can be finished at the student’s home university as well as the Université Libre in Belgium. In a sense, this is an Erasmus Mundus Scholarship-funded master’s degree partnership.

  • ·         Eligible Degree: Master’s degree
  • ·         Scholarship Amount: Tuition payments of up to €850 per month

Eligibility and Requirement: 

  • Applicants must have completed at least 16 years of education.
  • The age of candidates is not restricted. 
  • In the past, applications with a CGPA of 2.5 to 3.0 have also been chosen. As such, applicants with a lower CGPA are encouraged to seize the chance.
  • a first degree from an internationally renowned institution or college that is equal to 180 credits or 180 ECTS.

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10. Thomas More University of Applied Sciences Scholarship

Thomas More University of Applied Sciences is renowned for its friendliness towards foreign students. This institution offers a tuition discount scholarship that can be helpful to students because the cost of some of its programmes may be prohibitive.

Your academic standing may make you qualified for a merit-based scholarship. If you pass the first semester with at least 60% of the registered credits, you will receive a tuition discount for the next semester.

After the tuition discount, the total cost for a single year is approximately 6,200 euros, of which the students may still be obliged to pay approximately 2,600 euros.

  • ·         Eligible Degree: Bachelor’s degree
  • ·         Scholarship Amount: 60% of paid tuition

Eligibility and Requirement: 

  • The Parochial Promise is open to Catholic high school students with a minimum GPA of 2.5. 
  • In addition to their academic scholarship, students who have a validated test score of 23 ACT/1130 SAT/74 CLT or higher are eligible for this prize.

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We hope this post about the Top 10 Scholarships in Belgium for International Students proved helpful. Check out the various scholarships for international students on our blog.


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