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Top 10 Cheapest Universities In China With Low Tuition Fees

Top 10 Cheapest Universities In China With Low Tuition Fees


There are several reasonably priced universities to choose from in China. You can realize your ambition of attending an affordable university in China by enrolling in these programs.

These educational establishments additionally offer comprehensive curricula and academic programs, enabling students to obtain a degree with minimal financial strain.

Given that China is home to 885 universities, there are many possibilities for you to choose from if you choose to study abroad. Please continue reading if you’re searching for affordable universities in China.

Top 10 Cheapest Universities in China

The cheapest universities in China for international bachelor’s degree students are listed below, arranged by tuition fee.


1. Chifeng University

Founded in 2003, Chifeng University is a public university for undergraduates. It was created by combining multiple city colleges with Chifeng Normal College of Nationalities.

The university offers more than 50 undergraduate degrees, including courses in medicine. Due to the university’s affiliations with hospitals, medical students have access to additional opportunities.

·         Domestic Students Tuition: 1,600 RMB

·         International Students Tuition: 1,600 RMB

2. Hubei University of Automotive Technology

Hubei University of Automotive Technology is a state institution that provides specialized undergraduate and master’s degree programs in automotive technology and engineering.

As a multidisciplinary institution, it also provides studies in management, economics, and science. The campus in Shiyan City, China, has over 10,500 students.

·         Domestic Students Tuition: 2,000 RMB to 7,000 RMB

·         International Students Tuition: 2,000 RMB to 7,000 RMB

3. Chongqing Medical Center

Chongqing Medical University (CQMU) is one of China’s leading medical institutes and a pioneer in medical research. It provides a variety of studies in fields such as clinical medicine and immunology.

CQMU is also a truly global institution, as seen by its numerous affiliations with leading universities worldwide.

·         Domestic Student Tuition: 3,000 RMB

·         International Student Tuition: 3,000 RMB

4. Yibin University

Yibin University is focused on its students and their education. Their mission is to help kids find their abilities and gifts so that they can pursue their aspirations.

For almost 40 years, Yibin University has been making a difference, and students are welcome to continue learning there.

·         Domestic Student Tuition: 3,700 RMB

·         International Student Tuition: 3,700 RMB

5. Hubei University for Nationalities

Hubei Minzu University, another name for Hubei University for Nationalities, is a provincial university. Although this college offers master’s programs, its primary focus is on undergraduate studies.

Each year, thousands of students from both inside and outside of Enshi City are accepted into its eighteen degree-granting educational units. There are almost 60 programs offered overall.

·         Domestic Student Tuition: 4,000 RMB

·         International Student Tuition: 4,000 RMB

6. Liupanshui Normal University

Liupanshui Normal University was founded in 1978. It was only converted into a full-time undergraduate college in 2009. The school provides studies in a variety of fields, including engineering, education, and more.

·         Domestic Student Tuition: 4,100 RMB

·         International Student Tuition: 4,100 RMB

7. Nanjing University of Chinese Medicine

Nanjing University of Chinese Medicine, which has about 20,000 students enrolled, has been educating students in the area of medicine for almost 65 years.

With so many different courses to select from, the university welcomes students from all over to pursue their ambitions at their university.

The university is committed to transforming the field of medicine and training students to help improve the globe.

·         Domestic Student Tuition: 5,200 RMB to 7,400 RMB

·         International Student Tuition: 5,200 RMB to 7,400 RMB

8. Hechi University

Hechi University was established in 1951 and attained university status in 2003. Hechi University, sometimes known as HCU, is divided into two campuses: the east and the west.

In addition to providing programs in the arts, sciences, engineering, and law, HCU also prioritizes scientific research in each of these areas.

·         International Student Tuition: 5,500 RMB

9. Jiujiang University

In the province of Jiangxi, there is a public institution called Jiujiang University. A merging of many local colleges, including the Jiujiang Teacher’s College and Jiujiang Vocational College, founded the school.

Over 30,000 students are enrolled in programs covering a wide range of subjects, including business, the arts, engineering, and medical.

·         Domestic Bachelor’s Tuition: 6,000 RMB to 14,000 RMB

·         International Bachelor’s Tuition: 6,000 RMB to 14,000 RMB

10. Hunan University of Technology

For degrees in science and engineering, the Hunan University of Technology is a top choice. It produces well-informed graduates who make significant contributions to the community thanks to its top-notch training facilities and faculty.

The institution has grown over the years and currently serves both domestic and foreign students with management, arts, and economics courses.

·         Domestic Student Tuition: 6,000 RMB to 12,000 RMB

·         International Student Tuition: 6,000 RMB to 12,000 RMB

Examining all of your choices is important when deciding where to attend tertiary education. It can be difficult to know where to start looking in China because there are so many different kinds of universities, degrees, and courses there.

We hope that this article helps with how much does china universities cost for international students.


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