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How Do I Get A Truck Driver Visa For The USA?  

How Do I Get A Truck Driver Visa For The USA?  


American companies are vital in sponsoring your visa so that you may get the chance to work within the country and further pursue a career as truck driver.

Finding a job as an auto driver in the United States is not easy, but with proper preparation and methods, one can successfully obtain such kind of employment. But if you are a truck driver, great opportunities opens up to in United States.

The issue of the cost of living and the troubles immigrant faces when seeking a job in America is an important one. In order to simplify your job search as a truck driver in the United States, there is need for sponsorship visa.

Additionally, know that in order to be eligible for a truck driving job within the United States there are certain criteria which must meet.


In the US it is required for your to have a Commercial driver’s license (CDL) and be twenty one years old by age to drive truck.

Truck driving is a great career path for many. However, the process of going through visa application can be scary if you are an overseas driver and hope to get a truck driving job in America.

Thankfully, many of US trucking businesses are prepared to sponsor and hire drivers with foreign qualifications.

Potential truck drivers can use the information and advice in this guide to obtain employment and obtain permits to work in the United States.

About The Work Visa For Truck Drivers In USA

You can start your search for trucking firms that sponsor visas by going through Internet job postings. You can find CDL truck driver jobs with visa sponsorship by visiting websites such as Indeed, Glassdoor, and In addition, many trucking companies have special hiring programs for foreign drivers.

Just several of the most famous trucking companies, FedEx Schneider National Knight Transportation Averitt Express, and Western Express are considered to be able to sponsor visas.

What Is The Job Of A Truck Driver In The USA?

One of the main requirements for truck drivers in the United States is that they should be able to drive heavy-duty trucks from various destinations. You have to be able to handle large loads and tight turns while driving on the roadways.

Many aspirants join professional truck driving courses. They will be able to learn how to manage crowded spaces, streets and roads. These sessions train involved drivers in the federal rules and legislation that applies to interstate truck driving.

It is not always so, but some employers require you to provide a certificate of your driving proficiency.

What advantages do drivers in the United States stand to gain by having their visas sponsored?

Qualifying For A Truck Driving Job in the USA

In order to be eligible for a truck driving position in the United States, applicants usually need to possess a commercial driver’s license (CDL) and professional driving experience. Drivers are required by the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA) to be at least twenty-one years old, possess a current US driver’s license, and successfully finish a CDL training program.

Candidates must also meet physical and mental standards, such as passing a medical examination, drug test, and alcohol-on-the-job requirements for weight and visual acuity.

How To Get A truck driver Visa For The USA?

Finding a job as a driver is now simpler than ever. Many websites that offer truck driver jobs in the USA also sponsor visas.

  • *Indeed
  • *ZipRecruiter
  • *SimplyHired
  • *LinkedIn

In such a case, mentioning visa sponsorship is mandatory while applying for these positions. It is important to note that some companies do not offer visas for employment as truck drivers in the United States. Make sure that the firm to which you are applying can sponsor your visa in order not to waste time and effort.

Visa Sponsorship Application Process

International truckers are entitled to apply for various types of visas. The most popular categories of visas are H-1B and TN.

There is a TN visa available for citizens of Canada and Mexico for certain jobs in the US but it differs compared to top H-1B which requires highly qualified professionals. To petition a visa, the application must be filed with US Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS) by the sponsoring employer.

The approval process can be lengthy and take up to four months, so it’s best to start right away.

Job Outlook for International Truck Drivers

Despite the large demand for drivers, there is an estimated over 60.00 shortage of them in the US trucking business alone. According to a survey by the Bureau of Labour Statistics BLS on truck driving as a career, there will be solid demand and work stability in the future trend of area code phone numbers since this starting is going up by 6 percent over the past decade low.

Moreover, truck driving jobs come with benefits including high salaries. In the USA, a truck driver earns about $48 00 on average per year and numerous businesses related to trucks provide retirement awards as well as health insurance.

FAQ On How to Get a Truck Driver Visa for the USA?

What other visas are offered to international truck drivers?

Foreigners can also apply for the L-1 visa for intracompany transfers, E – 1 or E -2 visas as treaty traders and investors, and O – N visk for persons with exceptional abilities alongside H–

How long does it take to get an application for a visa?

It is recommended to initiate the application process early in time because it may take up to four months before approval.

What are the specific regulations for truck driving size and weight in the USA?

The maximum width of commercial trucks in the United States is 102 inches and the height – is 13.5 feet; It can weigh up to 80,000 pounds.


It can be difficult for foreign drivers to find a truck driving job in the USA, but it is possible with some planning and study. To ensure the success of your application, locate trucking companies that sponsor visas, meet the requirements for a truck driving position, and comprehend the visa application procedure.

Truck driving is a rewarding career path that is well worth pursuing due to the US trucking industry’s significant need for drivers as well as its attractive pay and benefits.


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